“Facilitating with Stories”

I contributed two chapters to the book “Facilitating with Stories: Ethics, Reflective Practice and Philosophies”, edited by Andrew Rixon and Cathryn Lloyd. For workshop facilitators, I offered step-by-step instructions for two Applied Improvisation activities that I developed.
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Improv Strengthens Leaders & Teams

March 27, 2022: What does improv have to do with business, leadership, teamwork and sales? A lot! I explain it in this interview.

Grateful Graduate

March 2, 2021: I'm featured in an "Alumni in Focus" article on the website of the University of Adelaide (I did a BA majoring in French many years ago).

"Unscripted" at TEDxHKPolyU

The video of my TEDx talk on March 10, 2018, at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, on the theme of “Unscripted”, is on YouTube:
“Welcome to the Playground of Improvisational Possibilities | Kay Ross | TEDxHKPolyU” 

And here is the video of a 16-minute improv set by me and two of my improv friends, Christopher Coleman and Namrata Bindra, at the same event:
“Unscripted Improv | TEDxcellent Improv | TEDxHKPolyU” 

"The Playground of Possibilities" Card Deck

My "The Playground of Possibilities" card deck is a tool for you to transform your old, limiting thoughts, beliefs and stories about yourself and the world, and take bold action.

My Latest Blog Posts

"Here’s Why Plain and Simple Writing Works Better”
- with some examples of before-and-after text I've edited

“Stories Aren’t Professional, She Said”

“How to Write a Media Release and Influence a Journalist – Part 24”

“All About Improv, Applied Improv, Creativity, Play, Innovation... Part 4”
- with a list of lots of useful resources

“Twitter Tips and Resources – Part 89”

"Creativity and Improvisation"

34 Marketing Strategies

Check out my free resource, "34 High-Integrity, Low-Cost Marketing and Branding Strategies for Soul-Inspired Entrepreneurs".
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Spotlight on Marketing

And also take a look at my blog, Spotlight on Marketing, the place for us to share thoughts, opinions, questions and answers about marketing (especially marketing with integrity, from the heart).

Tweet Me Good

I'm on Twitter. Follow me or send me a tweet

Laughing Out Loud

Here's news about my upcoming improv performances

Welcome to The Playground of Possibilities

Explore and transform your thoughts, beliefs and stories about yourself and the world, tap into the abundance of the Universe, take bold action, improvise new ways of being, and play with like-minded, like-hearted friends.
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"You have a brilliant eye for this and you are very consistent. "
Omanisa Ross
Author (I edited/proofread her book)

“I used her services to edit a book I am in the process of publishing. Well, her sense of professionalism, response time and quality of work were amazing! Not only will I use her for all future editing, but would highly recommend her to others in need of “wordsmithing”!”
Anthony Solimini

"Kay has a unique and valuable ability to capture the essence of what I say about how Orla helps people to be more organised, effective and productive. The result is powerful copy that makes sense to our prospective clients and, more importantly, inspires them to buy. She has a thorough knowledge of marketing concepts, and that shows through in every question she asks, every word she writes and every strategy she suggests. I'm also impressed that she insists on getting inside the brief and understanding our product, our brand and our clients before she puts pen to paper."
Stephen Barnes
Director, Orla

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Attention: Business Owners,
Corporate Communications Professionals
and Training Managers

How Can I Help You Today?

I'm Kay Ross, a Hong Kong-based marketing consultant, editor and copywriter (that means I write the words of marketing messages - I'm not a copyright lawyer). My company is Kay Ross Marketing.

In my work, I call on my 30+ years of training and experience in marketing/editing/copywriting, in the performing arts (acting, improvisation and public speaking), and in the field of personal development/wellness/healing.

The common thread that links all three of my passions (marketing, performing and healing) is: Storytelling. So I'll help you and your teams to find, craft and tell juicier, more resourceful stories about the past, present and future of your business, and to be more creative and innovative.

Contact me today to find out how.

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Is marketing a mystery to you? I'll show you how to understand what your customers are really buying; craft compelling, shareworthy English-language marketing content; be a more effective writer, marketer and storyteller; look at every decision in your business from your customers' point of view, and give your customers good reasons to love you and rave about you.

The bottom line: You'll attract and retain more of the right kind of clients (and staff, allies, funders...), build stronger relationships with them, spot opportunities, and sell more of your products and services, so that you make a bigger, positive difference in the world! (I'm definitely not advocating mindless, irresponsible consumerism.)

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Need an actor, improv comedian, applied improvisation trainer, storyteller, MC, guest speaker or publicist for your play, film, commercial, party, corporate training programme, conference, PR event...? Call me.

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What would be possible for you if you told more resourceful stories about your body, your work, your life, your future, your relationship to the world...? I'll help you and your team to explore questions and techniques for a healthier, happier, more successful life and business.

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