"Here’s Why Plain and Simple Writing Works Better”
- with some examples of before-and-after text I've edited

My blog, Spotlight on Marketing, is the place for us to share thoughts, opinions, questions and answers about marketing (especially marketing with integrity, from the heart).

Guest blogging

Wow, I'm honoured! Was invited to be a Guest Blogger by Brian Camen, a PR practitioner in the USA. My story about "Marketing is most sought-after skill, say employers" is now on Brian's blog.   More >

"We have finished reading your revised version. Thank you. It is now clearly a much improved version from the previous draft. Your speed and efficiency are truly amazing."
Also: "Great, thanks for the Kay Ross magical touch. You never cease to amaze us with your speed and efficiency (and of course your talent!)"
C.A. Lin, Kosmo

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Are You Ready To Get Money-In-The-Bank
Results With Your Marketing?

I'm Kay Ross, a Hong Kong-based marketing consultant & coach, editor and copywriter, and I'll help you get money-in-the-bank results with your marketing.

My services include:

  1. Marketing consulting & coaching
  2. Editing and copywriting of compelling English-language marketing communications material ("copywriting" means writing the words of your marketing messages, not advising you about legal copyright - I'm not a lawyer)
  3. Training you and your team about marketing, content marketing (i.e., using storytelling in your marketing), copywriting, media relations, Twitter, public speaking, and how to approach business and life with an improvisational mindset...

Check out my CV, Courses, Portfolio, Testimonials, Articles, Resources, Podcasts and FAQ pages.


1. Marketing consulting & coaching

I'll partner with you to:

  • review your branding, advertising, PR, media relations, customer service, social media strategies, design, packaging, distribution, pricing, website usability, sponsorships, events, staff training, admin and HR procedures... anything that falls under the umbrella of "marketing" (and in my opinion, EVERYTHING you do is marketing!)
  • help you and your team to understand what it is that your customers are really buying when they buy your product or service
  • devise creative marketing strategies that make the best use of all your resources (including some that you probably don't even realise you have!), and get measurable results
  • assess the effectiveness of all your current marketing communications material
  • identify your ideal prospective clients (and the people who influence them)
  • craft a juicy "elevator speech"
  • find and craft compelling, shareworthy stories about what you do and why that matters to your customers
  • identify possible alliances and business development opportunities
  • spot opportunities
  • share useful articles and resources about marketing
  • encourage you to see your business from the customer's point of view - I'll be an advocate for the customer's wants and needs
  • be your sounding board and one-on-one coach about your marketing strategies and activities

If that's what you're looking for, I invite you to contact me today.

2. Editing and copywriting

You know how Trinny and Susannah of "What Not to Wear" fame do makeovers of badly dressed women? Well, I do makeovers of badly written, ineffective marketing messages.

Words are powerful. They've started - and ended - wars and love affairs. The RIGHT words in your marketing messages, aimed at the RIGHT people, will help you to "sell more stuff" and make more money (whether your "stuff" is a product, a service or an idea).

So I'll be your wordsmith for all your English-language marketing communications material, including:

  • ads
  • brochures
  • websites
  • your twitter bio (see my blog post, "Convince Me With Your Twitter Bio. Please!")
  • social media content
  • newsletters
  • articles
  • media releases
  • direct mail pieces
  • speeches
  • reports
  • project proposals
  • video scripts
  • business letters and e-mails...

I'm not just talking about correct grammar and spelling (although they're definitely important). What I'm most passionate about is crafting compelling marketing messages that:

  • express the distinctive essence and personality of you, your brand, and your business or organisation
  • project the right image
  • make sense to the readers
  • create the intended emotional response in them
  • inspire them to take the precise ACTION you intend (pick up the phone, subscribe to your mailing list, buy your product or service, support your cause, refer a friend...)

So I approach all of my writing and editing work from a marketing and customer-service point of view. I won't write or edit a single word for you until I understand you, your organisation, your brand, your products and services, your target market and the purpose of every document. In fact, I'll definitely have lots of questions for you - check out my article, "So You Want To Commission A Freelance Writer/Editor?".

By the way, that means I'm not interested in a last-minute, one-off, "can-you-check-our-brochure-because-it's-just-about-to-go-to-print?" transaction.

And while I'm working on writing/editing your marketing material, I'll probably also offer you some creative ideas and recommendations about all the other elements of your marketing.

If that sounds good to you, please contact me today.


3. Training

I present public courses and tailor-made in-house corporate training seminars about:

  • marketing
  • content marketing (that means using storytelling in your marketing)
  • copywriting - how to write effective marketing messages (it's not about copyright law)
  • how to write a media release, and the dos and don'ts of media relations
  • social media, in particular Twitter
  • how to write effective business English
  • the skills of editing
  • how to approach business (and life) with an improvisational mindset, so that you and your team get better at teamwork, leadership, communication, creativity, emotional intelligence, innovation and nimble responsiveness to change

I'm also delighted to be a guest speaker at conferences, seminars and workshops for professional bodies, Chambers of Commerce, universities and non-profit community organisations.

If that sounds like something you need, contact me today.


What I'm not...

Just to be clear, I'm not:

  • a graphic designer (but I know several excellent designers that I can recommend)
  • a website designer (but I recommend Stella at StarBright Group, who designed this site for me)
  • a website technical expert (but I recommend Billy at Canaan Internet Marketing, who handles all the technical elements of this site for me)
  • a translator
  • a teacher of English grammar and conversation
  • an advertising agency
  • a PR firm
  • a copyright lawyer


The next step

Please contact me today to arrange an initial, no-obligation discussion.

P.S. If you'd like a free copy of my "Sell the Sizzle" article, full of practical tips about how to write compelling marketing communications material, please go to the opt-in box in the top right-hand corner of this page. You'll also automatically receive my free monthly marketing e-newsletter.


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Sharing tips at the "Making the Most of the Media" seminar
September 18, 2006

Speaking to would-be entrepreneurs at the Women Business Owners Club's "How to Start and Run Your Own Business" seminar
October 13, 2007

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July 2010
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