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"Did you know the two edited manuscripts got published in international journals? Thank you. What you did was not only editing English but also picking up inconsistencies and sometimes conceptual problems. Your meticulous efforts can be seen from the edited work. I learned how to use proper vocabulary and write in the proper tone."
Dr. Barry Mak, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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So Who Is Kay And What Makes Her Unique?

Before we go any further, I want everyone to know that I agree to donate all my organs when I die (I won't need them).

Hi, I'm Kay Ross, a multi-talented Hong Kong-based marketing consultant & coach, editor, copywriter, performer and healer.

Here's my CV

And here's my twitter profile:
Marketing consultant editor copywriter storyteller actor improviser healer trainer. Born Glasgow; grew up Adelaide; in HK since Sept 93. Also @PlayPossible

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland. When I was three years old my family migrated to Adelaide, Australia. French was always my best subject at school, so I majored in French at Adelaide University.

Here's an article I wrote about my school days that was published in the South China Morning Post newspaper in Hong Kong on June 30, 2007.

And here's the video (6m 23s) of a true story from my life that I told at "The Campfire" storytelling show on Thursday July 5, 2012 at the TakeOut Comedy Club Hong Kong.

My first proper job after finishing university was a one-year apprenticeship in arts administration and community cultural development at the Adelaide Festival Centre. That's where I first started learning about marketing.

In Adelaide and regional South Australia I worked in management and marketing for various arts, tourism, local government and book-retailing organisations. I was a full Member of the Australian Journalists' Association, the Australian Institute of Marketing and the Society of Business Communicators.

In August 1979 I headed off on a grand backpacking tour around Britain and Europe, and I lived and worked in Edinburgh, Scotland, for most of 1980 before heading back to the warmth of Australia.

A courageous leap into the unknown

In September 1993 I took a courageous leap into the unknown, and moved to Hong Kong in search of challenge, adventure and opportunity. I had no job and no grand plan, but my philosophy was: What have I got to lose?! With a British passport, I knew I could work here.

For 18 months I worked as the Assistant Editor and then Editor of a specialist trade magazine about hospital management.


When that publishing company went bust in 1995, I decided to become a self-employed marketing consultant/coach, editor and copywriter. I officially set up my business, Kay Ross Marketing, in October 1996.

Since then, I've served a wide variety of clients in the arts, academic and corporate worlds. I also regularly present courses and seminars about marketing, copywriting and media relations. For details, visit my Marketing and Courses pages.

From April 1996 to May 2002 I was the part-time Listings Editor for Hong Kong's leading English-language newspaper, the South China Morning Post. That meant I compiled and edited the daily listings of what was on around town: performing arts shows, visual arts exhibitions, arthouse films and all sorts of interesting public talks, workshops, family-friendly activities, charity events etc. I received lots of media releases, so I quickly learned what journalists want and need.

In Hong Kong I'm a member of The Women in Publishing Society (I was the President, November 1998 - October 2000).

For many years, I was also a member of the Women Business Owners Club (I was the volunteer Editor of the WBOC newsletter, August 2004 - December 2005, and was one of the speakers at the group's regular "How to Start and Run Your Own Business" workshops), but unfortunately, that group has died.

So I've had 30 years' experience in marketing, editing, copywriting, training, public speaking and the stage management of shows, seminars and PR events.


I also LOVE the performing arts (both watching and participating).

I've performed in countless shows with theatre groups and choirs in Adelaide, Edinburgh and Hong Kong. From February 2007 to July 2011 I regularly performed stand-up comedy at Hong Kong's TakeOut Comedy Club, and since March 2008 I've been a member of People's Liberation Improv.

For more information (and photos), visit my Performing page.


Alongside my passion for marketing and performing, I'm also fascinated by the fields of alternative health and healing, personal/spiritual development and human potential.

I've attended countless workshops, read hundreds of self-help books, and watched "What the Bleep Do We Know?" and "The Secret".

I'm also a practitioner of my own unique form of healing bodywork/coaching - I like to describe it as "bodywork for a life that works".

And I'm your Head Tour Guide in the Playground of Possibilities.

For more information (and photos), visit my Healing page.

My values and philosophy

The most significant influence that shaped my philosophy about life, the universe and everything was an intensive business/personal development seminar called "Money & You", which I did in Adelaide in March 1989. I went on to do the follow-up courses, "Creating Wealth" and "Powerful Presentations".

"Money & You" taught me about business, entrepreneurship, leadership, teamwork, communication, honesty, love, joy, trust, integrity, courage, responsibility, authenticity, abundance, God/Great Spirit, and yes, money. It was inspired by the ideas of famed thinker/designer/mathematician R. Buckminster Fuller.

As a graduate, I served for several years as a volunteer "Assistant" (i.e. helping with stage management/logistics) at the organisation's courses in Adelaide, Hong Kong and Singapore, and at its Business School for Entrepreneurs in Kuala Lumpur in July 1998. These courses are presented in several cities around the world by a company called Excellerated Business and its partners.

It was the skills and values that I learned in "Money & You" that gave me the courage to move to Hong Kong in September 1993. In fact, I came here to serve on the volunteer Assistants' team for the very first "Money & You" here.

I've also done many other workshops that combine business with spirit, including:

  • an intensive three-day marketing seminar in Kuala Lumpur, led by renowned American marketing guru and author Jay Abraham
  • a business/marketing coaching programme led by American coach Kendall SummerHawk, who is committed to "marrying money with meaning" and teaching entrepreneurs how to build a "soul-based business". 


The true spirit of my work, and the thread that connects all three of my passions, is STORYTELLING:

  • In my marketing work, I help people to find the words to tell the stories of themselves, their companies, their products/services and their customers.
  • In my performing work, I tell stories about what it means to be human.
  • In my healing work, I enable people (and even specific body parts) to tell the stories of their lives and to create new, more resourceful stories.

So all of my skills complement each other and help me to serve you better. And I know that all my life experiences, and the values that they've taught me, help me to be a better person, friend, healer, businessperson, communicator, consultant, coach and performer.

For example:

  • I believe in doing marketing with heart, spirit and integrity. I don't just do business, I do business with people - people like you, with hopes and dreams, likes and dislikes, fears and preconceptions.
  • My studies in personal/spiritual development and healing help me to understand human psychology and behaviour, and that makes me a better writer, marketer, storyteller, trainer and actor.
  • My performing arts skills help me to be a better marketer, writer, public speaker, storyteller, trainer and event organiser.

I also love...

  • My brother and two sisters (and our brother who died in 1988)
  • Marketing
  • Writing in plain English
  • The correct use of apostrophes and hyphens!
  • Reading
  • Salsa dancing
  • Chocolate
  • Travelling. I especially love Bali, and I've also been blessed to have had the opportunity to travel to England, Scotland, France, the USA, Mexico, Italy, Greece, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, India, New Zealand, Macau and of course many places in Australia
  • Studying the human brain and mind (when I was 11, my ambition was to become a neurosurgeon!)
  • Staying up late (I'm definitely a night owl, not an early bird)
  • Laughing with children
  • Playing Scrabble
  • Studying languages
  • Sitting under a shady tree on a warm sunny day, stroking a purring cat
  • Giving and receiving foot (or should that be "feet"?) massages

Some amazing things I've experienced

  • Handcuffed for the handover: On the night of the handover of Hong Kong to China, I participated in a crazy event to raise funds for a children's charity. For 24 hours, from 12noon on June 30, 1997, to 12noon on July 1, I was handcuffed to a total stranger of the opposite sex. We had to do everything together: eat, sleep (I mean literally sleep, no hanky-panky), shower, go to the bathroom, go to a party, catch trains... Actually, it was surprisingly easy!

  • Books for Vietnamese children: In August 2004, when I was on holiday in Hanoi, Vietnam, I visited a big orphanage (the SOS Children's Village Hanoi). Over the following months I co-ordinated a charity campaign in Hong Kong to collect second-hand English-language children's books for the library in the orphanage's school. Many individuals, community organisations and publishing companies donated books. Eventually, with help from a generous donor and the Consulate-General of the People's Republic of Vietnam in Hong Kong, 1,121 books were delivered to the children. Several months later, the Director of the orphanage sent me some photos of the children with their books.

  • My first-ever bungy jump: In June 2007, a CouchSurfing friend invited me to join her in a bungy jump off the Macau Tower (233 metres high). Wow, that was fantastic, terrifying fun!

  • My trip to Bali in December 2008: Check out some photos.

  • My holiday in India, August 2010: I spent two wonderful weeks at the famous Osho International Meditation Resort, doing lots of different kinds of meditations and courses (I also performed stand-up comedy in a Variety Show there), then I CouchSurfed for two nights in Mumbai and performed stand-up comedy at an Open Mic night at the Prithvi Theatre Cafe.
  • My holiday in Goa, India, April 2012: Check out my photo album on Facebook.

  • Lifelong memories: Climbing Mayan pyramids in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico...attending the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe...seeing shows on Broadway...walking on fire...flying in a light plane over the Grand Canyon...seeing/hearing the Dalai Lama at a gathering in Adelaide...strolling the streets of Paris...

So if I sound like someone you'd like to work or play with, I'd love you to contact me today!

By the way, I've discovered that there's ANOTHER woman named Kay Ross in the world. She’s a training and development consultant who lives in Sydney, Australia. Her website is www.kayross.com.au - don't get us mixed up!


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Sharing tips at the "Making the Most of the Media" seminar
September 18, 2006

On stage at the TakeOut Comedy Club Hong Kong with US comedian
Shecky Wong
March 3, 2007

Healing hands

Before my bungy jump in Macau
June 17, 2007

No turning back!

Cheers! Celebrating my 50th birthday in Hawaii
September 23, 2007

With author and teacher Bijan Anjomi of the "Effortless Prosperity" organisation, at the "Joyous Week in Hawaii" event
September 2007

Sharing "Free Hugs" with friendly strangers in Hong Kong
January 12, 2008

Gangsta geese rule! My favourite snapshot from my trip to Bali, December 2008
(see more Bali pix here)

Me in a sari shop in Pune, India
August 2010

A nice portrait of me
July 2010
Photo by Kenneth Lim

At a CouchSurfing gathering
Prithvi Theatre Cafe
Mumbai, India
August 24, 2010

At the Great Wall at Mutianyu
Beijing, China
April 25, 2011

At a family's pre-wedding party
for the groom
Mandrem, Goa, India
April 14, 2012

One of my prototype "Playground of Possibilities" cards, with a question for you to ask yourself