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Hi, I’m Kay Ross, a multi-talented Hong Kong-based marketing consultant & coach, editor, copywriter, performer and healer. I was born in Glasgow, Scotland; I grew up in Adelaide, Australia, and I’ve lived in Hong Kong since September 1993.


I’m boldly, fearlessly, passionately opinionated about marketing, customer service, compelling copywriting, editing, corporate storytelling and good punctuation (including apostrophes, hyphens and commas). I help my clients to devise juicy marketing messages and customer-friendly marketing strategies that get bottom-line results. I also teach public and corporate training seminars about marketing, media relations, twitter… See the Marketing page on my website.

Check out my four-part video series, “Does Bad Marketing Piss You Off?”, in which I share some examples of bad marketing (each video is only about 1 minute 30 seconds long). Thanks to videographer Joanna Bowers of Cheeky Monkey Productions.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


I also LOVE the performing arts, both watching and participating – I perform stand-up comedy and comedy improvisation, and I sing in a women’s choir (see the Performing page on my website). That’s why I chose to use the word “spotlight” in the name of this blog. After all, marketing is about attracting and retaining people’s attention with a compelling story, isn’t it?

I teach/facilitate corporate training workshops using “applied improv”, i.e., I show people and companies how to use the principles and techniques of improvisation to develop better skills in leadership, teamwork, creativity, communication, risk-taking, spontaneity, and dealing with change, complexity and uncertainty.


Alongside my passion for marketing and performing, I’m also fascinated by the fields of alternative health and healing, personal/spiritual development and human potential. Because everybody has a story, and every body has a story. I’m endlessly curious about people, behaviour, psychology, neuroscience, personal and spiritual growth, and the nature of reality (see the Healing page on my website). So I care about doing marketing with integrity, from the heart, and inspiring you to do the same.

The thread that connects all three of my passions (marketing, performing and healing) is Storytelling.

For more information about me, see the Meet Kay page on my website.

Contact me

Mobile phone: +852  9773 3751 (+852 is Hong Kong’s country code; we don’t have area codes)
Email: kayross@hkstar.com
Website: www.kayross.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/kayross. If you plan to follow me on twitter, I’d really appreciate it if you read this first:
“Tweet Tweet, This Is How I Do It”  – it explains why I do or do not follow people on twitter.
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kay.ross. I choose to use Facebook to connect only with people I know and like in real life, so if I don’t know you, I probably won’t befriend you on Facebook, sorry.
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kayross

About this blog – the rules of the game

I’ve created this blog as a forum for us to share thoughts, opinions, questions and answers.

So I invite you to:

  • ask, answer, agree and applaud
  • blog and broadcast
  • converse, criticise, compliment and congratulate
  • debate, declaim, discuss and disagree
  • explain, elucidate and entertain
  • flatter
  • gripe
  • harangue
  • inform, inspire, instruct and illuminate
  • jest
  • kowtow
  • listen
  • mouth off
  • nit-pick
  • object
  • preach, praise and pontificate
  • question
  • rant, rave, respond and recommend
  • share
  • theorise
  • update and uplift us
  • vociferate
  • whisper
  • xpound upon (yes yes, I know that’s cheating)
  • yodel
  • zero in on anything to do with marketing

By the way, this blog is moderated (by me). I’m generally pretty tolerant of differing opinions, but what I won’t tolerate on my blog is:

  • Foul language
  • Porn (or links to it)
  • Cruel, hurtful personal attacks on people
  • Long tirades and diatribes (keep your comments short, please)
  • Blatant, hard-sell, pushy, “it’s all about me” messages from “Internet marketing experts” and MLM recruiters (put those messages on your OWN blog, please)
  • Bland, boring and wimpy messages

Also, please post messages using your real name. Your user name should NOT be a blatant sales pitch such as “My Amazing Weight Loss Story” or “How I Make $300 A Day Online” or “Cash Advance” – I will treat such messages as spam and I will not publish them. My blog is not a free forum for you to advertise your business – that’s what your own blog is for.

If you’re interested in writing guest posts for this blog, please read this article first: “How Not To Pitch A Blogger About Writing Guest Posts”, and then contact me.

So let’s start the conversation!

Kay Ross

Kay Ross


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