Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be On Twitter

Posted on 08 December 2014

You shouldn’t be on twitter if:


  • You’re not willing to devote time, energy and creativity to it.
  • You’re not willing to respond when people tweet to or about you.
  • You only want to post pushy ads about your business, with links to your own site.
  • You think your company’s twitter account can be managed by a temporary intern.
  • You tweet nothing but a robot-generated list of the titles of, and links to, other people’s blog posts.
  • You think it’s OK to send an automated, impersonal Direct Message to every new follower, saying “Thanks for following. Visit our website at [link]”. (Here’s my blog post about why I hate that: “Death to Auto-DMs on Twitter”)
  • Your twitter page has the “egg” image instead of a photo of you.
  • You post an automated tweet every week that tells us how many new followers and retweets you’ve gained in the past week. (Nobody cares. Really.)
  • You retweet other people’s retweets of your own tweets.
  • You automate everything and post 10 scheduled tweets within a few minutes, then nothing for ages.
  • You haven’t tweeted for over a month.
  • You’ve created a twitter account but you haven’t tweeted at all.
  • Your bio says you’ll sell twitter followers. And oh, you only have 127 followers yourself, and most of them are bots.
  • You link your twitter and Facebook accounts, so that anything you post on Facebook automatically gets posted to twitter too, but it’s too long for twitter and gets cut off half…
  • You use the TrueTwit validation service. (Don’t. Just don’t.)
  • #You #use #a #hashtag #on #every #word.
  • You tweet lots of public @ messages to people, saying “Thanks for following.”
  • You often tweet “I posted a new photo to Facebook”, with a link to Facebook. (Sorry, nobody cares.)
  • You call yourself a guru or “the leader” in your industry.
  • You don’t credit the writer when you post content by someone else. (Here’s my blog post about that: “Crediting the Writer – It’s Just Common Courtesy”)

Twitter enthusiasts, do you have anything to add to this list?

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