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Posted on 20 August 2014

Have you heard of Sally Hogshead? She’s a branding expert and an authority on the science of fascination, and she has just launched her latest book, “How the World Sees You”. I’ve followed her online for several years, and I recently listened to a fascinating live webinar by her.


After several years of in-depth research, Sally has developed a personality profile system that she calls the Fascination Advantage® Assessment. She has identified seven “advantages” – the way you naturally stand out and add value:
Innovation – you change the game with creativity
Passion – you connect with emotion
Power – you lead with command
Prestige – you earn respect with higher standards
Trust – you build loyalty with consistency
Mystique – you communicate with substance
Alert – you prevent problems with care

It takes about five minutes to complete the online questionnaire, and you’ll receive a report that tells you your highest-scoring and second-highest-scoring advantages – combining the two gives you your archetype. You’ll learn which communication styles are your most natural strengths, and are most valuable and appealing to others, so that the world sees you at your best. (I like what Sally said in the webinar: “What you do can be commoditized; who you are is unique.” And this quote from her book: “To become more successful, don’t change who you are. Become more of who you are.”)

Sally’s system fascinates me because it not only helps me to understand (and market) myself better, it also helps me to understand other people, how they behave, and how to communicate effectively with them. That’s important for me, because I’m a marketing consultant, editor and copywriter.

People often ask Sally how the Fascination Advantage system differs from other well-known tests such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (I’m INFP) and the DISC profile (I’m off-the-chart high D and high C). She explains that those tests show you how you see the world (which is very useful to know), while the Fascination Advantage® Assessment shows you how the world sees you, based on the cues and signals that you’re sending, intentionally or unintentionally. Also, most personality questionnaires are based on psychology, whereas the Fascination Advantage® Assessment is based on branding – it gives you clues for crafting your marketing messages, playing to your natural strengths, making a brilliant impression, and communicating how you add distinct value to a team.

I’m a Catalyst

I’ve done the assessment, and my archetype is The Catalyst. That means my primary “fascination advantage” is Passion and my secondary one is Innovation.

  • Passion = expressive, intuitive, engaging
  • Innovation = creative, visionary, entrepreneurial

According to Sally, being The Catalyst means I:

  • make a vibrant first impression
  • am valued for my enthusiastic approach and ability to generate ideas
  • am buoyant and social
  • embrace new situations and relationships with zeal
  • speak with flair and use expressive gestures
  • add value by starting action
  • create change
  • am most likely to contribute when I’m emotionally involved
  • know how to captivate an audience (oh, and I’ll be teaching two public workshops in Hong Kong in September: “Improvising Entrepreneurial Success”, about applying an improvisational mindset to business, and “Give ’Em Something To Talk About”, about the power of storytelling and content marketing)

So The Catalyst usually shines in the spotlight, and frequently seeks personality-oriented careers such as PR, marketing and customer service. He or she is an out-of-the-box thinker who often ignores “the box” entirely, and performs at their best when doing work that demands untraditional thinking. He or she often dislikes repetitive, linear tasks, and can become bored and distracted if forced to adhere to a rigid set of rules.

That certainly sounds like an accurate description of me! So I had to laugh a few days ago when a stranger who wanted to connect with me on LinkedIn wrote this comment: “I found your picture is really good and gave me an impression of energetic and positive.”

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So What’s YOUR Archetype?

Sally has generously given me a code that allows me to invite my friends, followers, subscribers and clients to take the Fascination Advantage® Assessment – for FREE (it usually costs US$37). This offer is valid until October 4, 2014.

To find out what your archetype is, go here and use the code EBL-CatalystKay to do the questionnaire (five minutes of your time, honest!). Then, you’ll receive a report about your archetype and your primary, secondary and dormant advantages. As Sally says, “The greatest gift you can give someone is to show them their own highest value.”

And if you buy Sally’s new book, “How the World Sees You”, and send a copy of your receipt to her team at hello[at]howtofascinate[dot]com, you’ll get access to a whole stack of bonus material about how to apply the ideas. (I don’t get an affiliate fee for recommending Sally’s book; I just like sharing information that I know will benefit the people I care about.)

I’d love to hear what your Fascination Advantage archetype is, so please email me and let me know.

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