Bridging the Gap – Your Marketing Challenge

Posted on 27 February 2014

A few years ago, I was working with a client on crafting the content for her website. In our back-and-forth email discussions about the draft text, I asked her several times to clarify what she wanted to say, and encouraged her to consider how her potential clients might perceive her marketing message. I sincerely wanted her to be successful, and I wanted to be sure that I understood her thinking. Later, she told me she felt that by constantly questioning her, I hadn’t been listening to her respectfully.

I was sad about that, because I felt I’d failed in my duty to communicate clearly with her, in a way that made sense for her. As a professional service provider and consultant, I’ve often found it challenging to find a balance between what my audience or customer says they want and what I want to say (because I genuinely believe it’s in their best interests).

Do YOU face the same challenge in your business? Do you want to know how to build a bridge between what your audience says they want and what you, as an experienced  professional, know they REALLY want, deep down? And would you like to find a graceful, non-hard-sell way to communicate the relevance of what you do?

At the Nan Lian Garden, Diamond Hill, Hong Kong

At the Nan Lian Garden, Diamond Hill, Hong Kong

I recently listened to two calls by Isabel Parlett, The Soundbite Shaman, that really helped me to understand how to do that. The theme of her two calls was “How to Write Business Copy Without Tricks or Hype”.

Isabel has given me permission to give you the link to the recordings of her two no-cost calls. In the calls, Isabel demonstrates what she does by including some short spot-coaching sessions with some of her clients, and she shares tips about how to take your potential clients from what they say they want to the bigger picture of what you see is truly possible for them.

You’ll also learn how to add intensity to your marketing messages through insight, passion and wisdom, not hype. (By the way, Isabel isn’t paying me anything to recommend her, but I’m happy to do that because I’ve had some terrific private coaching calls with her about my own marketing messages.)

The lesson: It is possible – and necessary – to link what you offer with what your potential ideal clients say they want, in a way that makes them feel heard.

Action steps: Listen to Isabel’s calls, and change the way you talk and write about what you do.

What do YOU think? When you’re  talking with your potential clients and writing your marketing content, what do you do to bridge the gap between what you do and what your clients say they want? I’d love to read your comments.

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