The Story of Content Marketing

Posted on 12 February 2013

Once upon a time, business owners and marketers thought the only way to attract customers was by broadcasting pushy, one-way, disruptive, hard-sell marketing messages.And every day, they spent lots of money on advertising, cold calling and spammy email campaigns.

Until one day, thanks to the Internet, the balance of power shifted from the companies to their customers.
And because of this, customers everywhere rose up and declared: “No more pushy marketing!”

And because of this, marketers started using a strategy called Content Marketing, which was all about telling memorable, shareworthy stories to inform, inspire and engage with customers.

Until finally, customers became enthusiastic advocates for the brands they loved.
And ever since then, business owners, marketers and customers have been happy!

(Due credit: This blog post uses The Story Spine, a seven-sentence structure developed by playwright and improviser Kenn Adams.)


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