How to Write a Media Release and Influence a Journalist – Part 19

Posted on 02 August 2012

This is Part 19 in an ongoing series of blog posts I’ve compiled about how to write effective media releases and pitches, and how to influence journalists and bloggers (with integrity, of course) so you get the publicity you want. (I’ve simplified the title of the series from the previous version: “So You Want to Write a Media Release and Influence a Journalist?”)

Each part in the series lists 10 (or sometimes more) articles, videos etc. by various people. For a list of links to Parts 1-18, see the Media Relations category on this blog.

Here are the latest 10 resources:

  1. “4 ways to improve quotes in press releases” by Laura Hale Brockway (@lhbrockway on twitter)
  2. “How to Pitch a Story Like a Pro and Get Results Every Time” by Gini Dietrich (@ginidietrich)
  3. “11 words to delete from press releases” by Becky Gaylord (@BeckyGaylord)
  4. “Social Media Makes Bad Pitches Go Viral–And Can Save PR From Itself” by Amber Mac (@ambermac)
  5. “Got Story? 5 Reporters Give Pitch Tips” by Anne Deeter Gallaher (@AnneDGallaher)
  6. “5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Pitching Bloggers” by Tim Bosch (@LikeableMedia)
  7. “20 things PR clients should know” by Elizabeth Friedland (@Efriedland)
  8. “17 surefire ways to annoy journalists” by Jennifer Nichols (CEO/Founder of @Flacklist)
  9. “25 Most Overused Words and Phrases in Press Releases” by Danielle Aveta (@DanielleAveta)
  10. “What to do when reporters don’t respond to your pitch” by Jeannie Clary (@jeannieclary)

Would you like to recommend any other good resources on this topic? Please post a comment (but please beware: I’ll delete spam) or send me an email. I won’t list EVERY article I see; I’ll only recommend articles that I think are well written and that add something useful to the debate.

Kay Ross

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