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Posted on 10 February 2012

How can brands, brand managers and marketing folks make the best use of the power of Social Media to share their stories, build tribes and generate measurable results?

Several events in Social Media Week Hong Kong (February 13-17, 2012) aim to answer that question. (Follow @SMWHK on twitter and use the hashtag #SMWHK.)


Social Media Marketing with Celebrity Endorsements
Tuesday February 14, 10.30am-12noon
Pure SOHO, Kinwick Centre, 32 Hollywood Road, Soho
Hashtag: #SMWHKceleb

Verified celebrity accounts have served as the primary growth drivers for platforms like Twitter and Weibo. Likewise they are now proving to be effective channels for brands and agencies to communicate with consumers. A panel of speakers will investigate how celebrity social media is being effectively used both overseas and in local marketing.

Social Media for Brand Managers sponsored by Ogilvy
Tuesday February 14, 2.30pm-4pm
Ogilvy office, 23/F, The Centre, 99 Queen’s Road Central
Hashtag: #SMWHKbrand

Social media campaigns too often generate sound and fury without business purpose. One million likes are not worth a dollar if they don’t help increase sales. This event will focus on how to leverage social media for profit, not just buzz.

Using Social Media Platforms for Branding and Revenues in the Premium Cosmetics and Fine Food Industries
Tuesday February 14, 4pm-6pm
Bisous, 9/F LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Central
Hashtag: #SMWHKFaB

Exploring how new models Glamabox and Gourmei incorporate the best of social media, and how they are used by beauty brands and restaurants to increase exposure and branding to targeted customers, ultimately resulting in revenues and profits.

Social Commerce for Brands and SMEs: Make Friends, Make Money
Wednesday February 15, 9.30am-11.30am
Sakesan, G/F, 18 Shelley Street, Central
Hashtag: #SMWHKSocCom

Most companies now understand that Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Sina Weibo and the other social media platforms are important ways to engage customers – but engagement isn’t the same as making a sale! That’s the golden metric for most marketers and now increasingly consumers are open to transacting; social media is no longer only about joining conversations.

Learn about the trends and opportunities to use social media to drive sales from leading experts from media, business and e-commerce. The panel will share do’s and don’ts, insights and real-life examples. S-Commerce and M-Commerce are hot topics, and our panelists will share the practical opportunities right now for companies in Asia to benefit from developments in social media and mobile.

How to Build a Social Network From Scratch
Wednesday February 15, 3pm-4.30pm
Bisous, 9/F LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Central
Hashtag: #SMWHKscratch

Listen to first-hand experiences of social network founders who have conceptualised, built, deployed, marketed and maintained growth of social networks in Hong Kong and China.

Web Wednesday
Wednesday February 15, 7pm-9pm
Bisous, 9/F LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Central
Hashtag: #webwednesday

Mix with the movers and groovers in the digital media and Internet industries in Hong Kong (and across Asia). Hosted by Napoleon Biggs.

Social media for social good? Non-profits shouldn’t spend on social media (a motion for debate)
Friday February 17, 8am-9.30am
Pure SOHO, Kinwick Centre, 32 Hollywood Road, Soho
Hashtag: #SMWHKsm4sg

While buzz around the value of social media continues to grow, non-profit organizations find themselves trying to find the resources to harness these tools to bring value to their causes. However, with the ever-debatable ROI of engaging with consumers online, is it actually worthwhile for non-profits to be spending on social media?

The debaters are: Ali Bullock (Global Digital Manager, Cathay Pacific), Doug Woodring (Founder, Ocean Recovery Alliance), Chung To (Founder and Chairman, the Chi Heng Foundation) and Douglas White (Founder of PRDA, a social media agency). Moderator: Jocelyn Sandstrom (founder, Moonlight Foundation of Nepal).

And just for fun, I’m volunteering at the following events:

Monday February 13, 7.30pm-10pm
Note: This event is by invitation only. If you’re interested in attending, please send an email.
Hashtag: #SMWHKfeed

Eating, tweeting and a meeting of minds. Find out more here about this global phenomenon and virtual conversation.

Hong Kong’s Beckoning of Lovely
Tuesday February 14, 6pm-7.30pm. FREE.
LKF Amphitheatre, end of Wo On Lane, Central
Hashtag: #SMWHKlovely

In collaboration with the Beckoning of Lovely movement in the USA, Hong Kong will attempt to connect random people together via social media with the intention to create some “lovely” positive social change. This event will be part spontaneous arts project and part social media.

Come prepared to create, collect and connect. This event will be a beautiful testament to the power of community, co-operation and hope amongst strangers in the name of all things lovely. EVERYONE is invited! Hosted by the lovely @BonzaPie of Bonza Pie Coaching & Performance Consultancy.

So which SMWHK events are YOU attending?

Kay Ross

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