Twitter Tips and Resources – Part 43

Posted on 16 March 2011

This is Part 43 of an ever-growing series of blog posts, each one featuring links to 10 useful, funny and/or provocative articles/lists/blog posts/videos/sites I’ve come across about how to use twitter more effectively (and how NOT to use it).

Here are the latest 10:

  1. “The Three Pillars of Business Success on Twitter” by Pawel Grabowski (@pawelgra77 on twitter)
  2. Searchtastic – a tool for “Smart Twitter Search” (@Searchtastic)
  3. “10 Golden Rules of Twitter” by Garin Kilpatrick (@Garin)
  4. “What Do Your Customers Think? How To Use Twitter To Measure Emotional Reaction To Your Brand” by Shea Bennett (@Sheamus)
  5. “50 Reasons Why Nobody Is Following You On Twitter” by Shea Bennett (@Sheamus)
  6. “5 Twitter Tips for Authors and Publishers – Maximum Visibility Playbook Tips” by Cindy Ratzlaff (@BrandYou)
  7. “Talking Twitter with Ann Handley (@MarketingProfs)” by Jeffrey L. Cohen (@jeffreylcohen)
  8. “Should You Automate Twitter?” by Warren Whitlock (@WarrenWhitlock)
  9. “15 Best of the Best Articles About Twitter” by Imad Naffa (@imadnaffa)
  10. “Five Excuses for Using Twitter at Work” on the TwitTown blog (@twittown) – author’s name not specified

For a list of links to Parts 1-42 in this series (which was born on May 19, 2009), see the Twitter category on this blog.

Would you like to recommend any other good twitter resources? I certainly don’t list EVERY article about twitter that I see – I might recommend an article that I disagree with, if I think it contributes something useful to the debate, but I won’t recommend an article that I think is badly written.

Happy tweeting!

Kay Ross

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  • Thank you for listing my blog in your very informative list of Twitter Tips and Resources! You’ve just introduced me to some new people to follow and for that I am grateful, too.

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