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Posted on 06 January 2011

Via twitter, I recently came across an excellent blog post by David Newman (@dnewman) titled “Referral blurbs”, with a great tip about how to get more referrals for your business. The lesson is that if you want your clients and friends to recommend you, it’s a good idea to give them the text of an e-mail to use, so they know what to say about you. Makes sense, right?

In his blog post, David offered some sample templates for such a referral blurb, and with his permission, I’ve adapted the idea for myself. Here’s my version:

[Suggested e-mail subject line: Introducing a trusted marketing consultant]

Dear [insert the name of the person you’re sending this message to],

I want to introduce you to my friend Kay Ross. Kay is a Hong Kong-based marketing consultant who works with business owners who want to attract more of the right kind of clients. I’ve found that she’s especially skilled at helping people like you to devise effective, low-cost marketing strategies, and to craft compelling English-language marketing messages that get results.

I suggested to Kay that you’d be a great person for her to meet, so I feel completely comfortable asking you whether you’d be open to meeting her for 30 minutes or so (by phone, or face-to-face). After meeting with her and exploring how you’re currently marketing your business, you may discover that her marketing consulting and editing/copywriting services make sense for you (and could really boost your bottom line).

Based on what I know about Kay and her track record of helping business owners succeed – even in this economy – I’m sure your 30 minutes will be well spent, even if it’s just to explore other ways you might be able to help each other. Thanks in advance for giving this your thoughtful consideration.

I’ll let the two of you connect and take the conversation from here. [Insert contact details of both parties.]


David was kind enough to share this idea; now I’m passing it on to you. Feel free to adapt the idea to suit your own business and your ideal clients, and let me know how it works for you.

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