Twitter Tips and Resources – Part 25

Posted on 19 July 2010

This is Part 25 of an ever-growing series of blog postings, each one featuring links to 10 useful, funny and/or provocative articles/lists/blog postings/videos/sites I’ve come across about how to use twitter more effectively (and how NOT to use it).

Here are the latest 10:

  1. “Why I Care About Grammar (and Why You Should Too)” by me, Kay Ross (@kayross) – it’s about grammar, spelling and punctuation on twitter (and elsewhere), and it includes links to some other interesting articles
  2. “Should We Care About Grammar and Spelling on Twitter?” by Anne Trubek (@atrubek) on the GOOD website (@GOOD)
  3. “7 tips for launching successful Social Media Campaigns” by Dimitris Zotos (@dimitriszotos)
  4. “How To Become Popular on Twitter Without Actually Being Useful” by Mark Aaron Murnahan (@murnahan)
  5. “What REALLY happens when you use the at symbol in Tweets?” by Dave Larson (@QuantumGood) on the TweetSmarter site (@TweetSmarter)
  6. “10 Twitter Tips: How to Get Asked to the Dance?” by Jim Arnold (@jimwarnold)
  7. “Social Media Marketing: It’s a Conversation, Silly” by Charles Herbert Brown (@charbrown)
  8. “10 ways I plan to become a better Twitter user” by Robin Houghton (@eggboxrobin)
  9. “Twitter, Twitter, Little Stars” by Felix Gillette (@felixgillette)
  10. “10 Reasons Not To Block Someone On Twitter” by Diana Adams (@adamsconsulting)

See also Part 1 (May 19, 2009), Part 2 (July 16), Part 3 (October 13), Part 4 (October 20), Part 5 (October 24), Part 6 (October 29), Part 7 (November 8 ), Part 8 (November 18), Part 9 (December 4), Part 10 (December 21), Part 11 (January 28, 2010), Part 12 (March 1), Part 13 (March 23), Part 14 (April 15), Part 15 (April 21), Part 16 (April 29), Part 17 (May 6), Part 18 (May 15), Part 19 (May 18), Part 20 (May 31), Part 21 ( June 2), Part 22 (June 14), Part 23 (June 25) and Part 24 (July 13).

Would you like to recommend any other good twitter resources? I certainly don’t list EVERY article about twitter that I see – I might recommend an article that I disagree with, if it contributes something useful to the debate, but I won’t recommend an article that I think is badly written.

Happy tweeting!

Kay Ross

4 responses to Twitter Tips and Resources – Part 25

  • Ed Han says:

    Kay, I’m really interested in the resources you are listed and plan to devote some time this afternoon to checking them out!

    I found you courtesy of @TweetSmarter this morning.


    • kay says:

      Hi Ed – yes, we’re following each other on twitter now. Enjoy browsing all 250 articles I’ve listed in my “Twitter Tips and Resources” series! Do you know of any other helpful articles you’d like to recommend?

  • I am honored for the mention (Number 4). Now, if you use my tips and discover that you no longer have any friends, that’s OK. Healthy relationships are often overrated anyway. Besides, there is something liberating about people having a terrible opinion of you. You can never disappoint them. 🙂

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