Falling in Love with the Internet Age… Confessions of a Reformed Luddite

Posted on 04 June 2010

This is a guest blog post by Hong Kong-based author (and my friend) Sarah Brennan.

Sarah Brennan

Sarah Brennan

As a Sixties girl, I’ve always been a bit of a Luddite – the very thought of having my own website, let alone a blog, used to send cold shivers down my spine!

But then I fulfilled my lifelong ambition of becoming a children’s author, and kids kept asking me: “Where’s your website?”

So with great reluctance, I went to a website design firm in late 2009 – and my life changed forever! My designers were just amazing – they really “got” what my books and I were about. But it wasn’t until the night that my website went live, and people started writing to me to say they loved it, that I finally began to understand the power of the Internet as a marketing tool.
Then, of course, the kids started asking: “Where’s your blog?” Again, I felt the same old reluctance. “Aaaagh!,” I thought, “It’ll take over my life! And I don’t agree with kids being on computers all day! And what on earth will I have to say? It’ll be a noose around my neck!”

NOT SO! I started blogging in April 2010 and I’m having the time of my life! And I think the kids are too – 1,241 hits to date and rising! But on top of that, of course, I now have the BEST platform for marketing myself and my books to kids, parents, teachers, the world!

And contrary to my fears of “selling out” to technology, I can still be true to my philosophy: I’m running competitions to get kids writing for fun, I’m teaching them new and exciting words, I’m telling them about good kids’ books… As well as promoting my own books, of course! And for the exposure it gives me and my products, it’s inexpensive and extremely cost-effective – the biggest investment is my time.

So now of course the big question: to tweet or not to tweet? Hmmm… that may just be a bridge too far for this old-fashioned girl…

Sarah Brennan is the Australian-born, Hong Kong-based author and publisher of the best-selling “Chinese Calendar Tales” series and the popular “Dirty Story” series of children’s books. She met Kay through the Hong Kong Women in Publishing Society, which she describes as “a brilliant network for women interested in anything to do with writing and the print media”.

Visit Sarah’s funny and fabulous website and her wacky and wonderful blog.

[Note from Kay – I’m trying to convince Sarah to become a twitterer. To join me in that campaign, please send Sarah an e-mail.]

3 responses to Falling in Love with the Internet Age… Confessions of a Reformed Luddite

  • Thanks Kay and Carol for your lovely comments about my website and blog! But the credit for my fabulous website belongs to my amazing designers Creasians, based here in HK. Their website is at http://www.creasians.com for anyone who’s looking at getting a new website!

  • carol dyer says:

    I was blown away by Sarah’s website, and I hugely admire Kay for her unstinting support of fellow writers/editors. I also endorse the plug for Hong Kong’s Women in Publishing Society (WiPS); it has started many of us on the road to success. If you have a niche market, you might even be lucky enough to survive without a website… WiPS is a great place to learn and network, and word of mouth can sometimes be more powerful than the internet.

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