So You Want to Write a Media Release and Influence a Journalist?

Posted on 27 April 2010

I’ve recently presented some training workshops for Public Relations account executives, and in researching and preparing for the workshops I compiled the following list of useful resources (articles, podcast recordings, blog posts, a slide presentation…) about media releases and media relations:

“How to Write a Press Release in One Easy Lesson” by Kay Ross

“Media Relations: Some Do’s and Don’ts” by Kay Ross

“You Want Media Coverage? Here’s How” by Kay Ross – recordings of interviews I did with three Hong Kong-based English-language journalists (print, radio and TV) about how to write a media release, and what journalists want

Announcing How NOT to Write a Media Release” by Kay Ross

“How to write quotations for press releases” by Lauren Edwards

“25 Tips to Writing Powerful Press Releases” by Susan R Young

“How To Follow Up On A Press Release” by Paul Duxbury (and see my comment on that blog post)

“How To Pitch a Magazine: MOMeo’s Managing Editor Weighs In” by Maclean Kay

“If newspaper editors taught media relations” by Daryl James

“Single most essential PR pitching tip” by David Meerman Scott

“How to Write Better Press Release Headlines” by Mickie Kennedy

“7 Rules for Perfect Press Releases” by April Dunford

“A Skeptic’s Guide to Social Media Press Releases” by April Dunford

“23 Ways To A Better Feature Press Release” by John Sternal

“How To Write A Small Business Press Release Subject Line” by John Sternal  (he’s referring to the subject line of your e-mail when you send a press release)

“How to Get an Influencer’s Attention” by Tamar Weinberg

“How NOT to invite a journalist to a VIP event” by David Spark

“Social or Not – It’s All Media Relations”, a slide presentation by Lars Voedisch of Dow Jones

“Why Press Releases Are Trashed by Reporters – Part 1” by Paul Hartunian
And see also Part 2
And lots more terrific articles by Paul Hartunian

“Ten Ways to Get the Media to Love You” by Margie Fisher

“Five Things Every Publicist Wants the Media to Understand” from the blog of Praecere Public Relations (and see my comment on that blog post)

“Why editors delete our press releases (hint: we make stupid mistakes)” by Misty Montano (and see my comment on that blog post)

I’d love to hear your comments about how useful that list is. And please tell me about any additional resources you’d like to recommend.

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  • kay says:

    Wow, since I published this blog post on April 27, I’ve come across lots more good stuff, so I’ve created Part 2 already – see (I’m not techie, so I’m still trying to figure out how to create URLs with the actual titles of my blog posts rather than the meaningless “?p=791”.)
    @David Part 2 includes the three articles you recommended above, thanks. So it looks like a series is born.

  • April says:

    Hey Kay – I love this post! What a great set of resources for folks trying to put together better social media releases!

  • David Spark says:

    Kay, thanks for including me in your roundup. I would also point you to another amazing story that actually fell into two parts and it had to do with the treatment of bloggers. It’s entitled “Bloggers are not tools to be used.” A very well known PR guy in SF had one of his flacks send a rather offensive “do free work for me” mass email. Here’s the two part story. Kind of amazing.

    And just to show I don’t only slam PR reps. Here’s a story of me slamming bloggers.

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