Twitter Tips and Resources – Part 9

Posted on 04 December 2009

This is Part 9 of an ever-growing series of blog postings, each one featuring links to 10 useful articles/blog postings/videos/sites I’ve come across, about how to use twitter more effectively (and how NOT to use it). Here are the latest 10:

  1. “My Brief List of 54 Twitter Rules (Did I Miss Any?)” by Joel Postman
  2. “16 Twitter Tips for Small Business Owners” from
  3. “Six Social Media Trends for 2010” by David Armano
  4. “8 Reasons You Need to Stop Ignoring Twitter” by Chris Crum
  5. “Connecting with Customers on Twitter – 9 Tips for Success” by Jake Matthews
  6. The 7 Harsh Realities of Social Media Marketing” by Sonia Simone
  7. “100 Twitter Marketing Tips to Promote your Business” by Mary Ann Johnson
  8. “Twitter for business” video by 360 Digital Influence
  9. “Top 10 Tips For New Twitter Users” by Marcelo Lewin
  10. “HOW TO: Create Twitter Backgrounds” by Ben Parr

See also Part 1 (May 19), Part 2 (July 16), Part 3 (October 13), Part 4 (October 20), Part 5 (October 24), Part 6 (October 29), Part 7 (November 8 ) and Part 8 (November 18).

Would you like to recommend any other good twitter resources?

Happy tweeting!

Kay Ross

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