Twitter Tips and Resources – Part 4

Posted on 20 October 2009

In Part 1 of this series, dated May 19, I posted a list of links to 10 useful articles/blog postings/sites I’ve come across, about how to use twitter more effectively (and how NOT to use it). I added a further 10 links in Part 2 (July 16), and another 10 in Part 3 (October 13). Now, here’s 10 more:

  1. “How to use Twitter for business” by Jonathan Crossfield
  2. “Twitter 101: A Special Guide” from Twitter
  3. “Free Social Media Marketing Checklist” by Nikki Pilkington
  4. “The Top 10 Rules for Twitter Etiquette” by Brian Swichkow
  5. “25 Hard Learnt Twitter Survival Lessons: Dos and Don’ts” from the “thoughtpick” blog
  6. “7 Tips for Networking on Twitter” by Skeeter Hansen and Al Ferretti
  7. “50 Ways to FAIL On Twitter” by Lee Odden
  8. “35 tips for getting started with social media” by Mike Fruchter
  9. “The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Your Business on Twitter” by Michael Martine
  10. “Nine Ways to REALLY, REALLY Upset, Annoy & Aggravate People on Twitter” by Gary Simpson

Happy tweeting!

Kay Ross

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