A Copyright Con Job

Posted on 17 September 2009

I’m flabbergasted! I recently heard about a global organisation for expatriate professional Australians (it’s not the Australian Chamber of Commerce). They’re inviting expat Australian writers to submit articles for their website, “to help capture the activities and accomplishments of our vibrant Australian communities worldwide, highlight the accomplishments of leaders and pioneers, and report on the events that are driving business, cultural and social interactions throughout the Australian Diaspora.”

So I contacted them to express my interest, and they sent me more information. Turns out they’re not offering any payment to the writers (surprise surprise). And what’s worse, the terms and conditions state:
“Copyright – The freelance writer grants to [name of organisation] the exclusive rights to reproduce his/her submitted material on the [name] website. The freelance writer understands that [name of organisation] owns all copyrights to the submitted articles and the freelance writer’s biography and contact information for each article published.”

So they’re not offering payment, AND they expect to own copyright not only to the content of a writer’s article but also to the writer’s biographical and contact info! WTF?!

I replied to them: “I’m sorry, but that’s totally unacceptable. It stinks.”

What do you think?

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  • Veronica says:

    well, it reminds me of those countless “competitions” where you are to send in your most original “blah” for the opportunity to be selected as the host for “blah”, competition ends “blah” … and now they have a complete pond of ideas from which to source their program, marketing, profiling and advertising for free … genius for them, pretty average if you don’t read the fine print

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