The Value of a Simple Thank You

Posted on 03 August 2009

I recently received an e-mail from a stranger, a young man who had been referred to me by someone I know and respect, a member of PROpenMic (a site for PR professionals, academics and students). The young man, who is currently working in Japan, wants to move to Hong Kong to start his career in the PR field, so he wrote to me to seek my advice about how to find work here, and to ask me to recommend him to potential employers. Within his e-mail he included the draft of a covering letter that he proposes to send to potential employers with his CV.

I willingly spent about 30 minutes writing a detailed and lengthy reply to him, offering helpful job-search advice and giving feedback about his draft covering letter.

That was over a week ago. So far, I have not received even a simple one-line “thank you” reply, and I’m appalled at the young man’s lack of common courtesy. It means I’ll be highly unlikely to give him any further help, or to recommend him to a potential employer.

So young PR students and graduates, please note: if you ask for career advice or mentoring from an experienced PR professional, and they oblige, please have the courtesy to say thank you. A simple little thank you message says a lot about your values.

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