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Posted on 19 May 2009

I joined twitter about two months ago, and I’m addicted! I especially enjoy the serendipity of meeting interesting new people and spotting opportunities, and I love the creativity and discipline of writing a compelling message in 140 characters or less. Tweet me good at  

I’ve been observing how people use twitter, and gathering tips about best (and worst) practice. I’m especially astonished at how badly some people market themselves in their bios (but more about that in another post).

Here’s a list of some resources I’ve come across in my twitter travels (more later in another post):

  1. “Tips for twitter newcomers” by Darren Rowse
  2. “How to use twitter effectively” by Lawrence Perry
  3. “Making the most of twitter” by Paul Duxbury
  4. “Guide to Twitter as a Tool for Marketing and PR” by Lee Odden
  5. “Totally lame twitter marketing techniques” by Michael Kristof and Chad Engle
  6. “25 twitter-sized marketing tips every business should know” by Christopher Ross (no relation to me, as far as I know)
  7. “How to Get Unlimited, Free, Highly Qualified Traffic to Your Website – In As Little As 15-30 Minutes A Day” by Karen Brunet
  8. “7 ingredients in the perfect twitter profile” by Jason Baer
  9. Free video about social media by Perry Belcher
  10. “How To Live Blog (Or Twitter) An Event Effectively” by Rohit Bhargava

And here’s a bonus resource to help you drive traffic to your twitter profile page:
“Follow me on Twitter” graphic buttons to add to your website or blog

See Part 2 of this series.

Happy tweeting!

Kay Ross

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