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Posted on 06 May 2009

Hi – I’m Kay Ross, a Hong Kong-based marketing consultant / coach / copywriter / editor. I’m endlessly fascinated by and opinionated about the subject of marketing, so I’ve created this blog as a forum for us to share thoughts, opinions, questions and answers.

I’m especially passionate about doing marketing with integrity, from the heart (and inspiring you to do the same).

So I invite you to:

  • ask, answer, agree and applaud
  • blog and broadcast
  • converse, criticise, compliment and congratulate
  • debate, declaim, discuss and disagree
  • explain, elucidate and entertain
  • flatter
  • gripe
  • harangue
  • inform, inspire, instruct and illuminate
  • jest
  • kowtow
  • listen
  • mouth off
  • nit-pick
  • object
  • preach, praise and pontificate
  • question
  • rant, rave, respond and recommend
  • share
  • theorise
  • update and uplift us
  • vociferate
  • whisper
  • xpound upon (yes yes, I know that’s cheating)
  • yodel
  • zero in on anything to do with marketing

By the way, this blog is moderated (by me). I’m generally pretty tolerant of differing opinions, but what I won’t tolerate on my blog is:

  • Foul language
  • Porn (or links to it)
  • Cruel, hurtful personal attacks on people
  • Long tirades and diatribes (keep your blog postings short, please)
  • Blatant, hard-sell, pushy, “it’s all about me” messages from “Internet marketing experts” and MLM recruiters (put those messages on your OWN blog, please)
  • Bland, boring and wimpy messages

Also, please post messages using your real name. Your user name should NOT be a blatant sales pitch such as “My Amazing Weight Loss Story” or “How I Make $300 A Day Online” or “Cash Advance” – I will treat such messages as spam and I will not publish them. My blog is not a free forum for you to advertise your business – that’s what your own blog is for.

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