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"You have a brilliant eye for this and you are very consistent. "
Omanisa Ross, author
(I edited/proofread her book)

"By the way, you as a marketing expert have been instrumental to my CPA firm in growing my business exponentially in the past 12 months."
Suzanne Liu Duddek, Owner, S. Liu & Co., Chartered Accountants & Certified Public Accountants (Practising), December 2005

"I had a feeling that your insight would cut to the chase, clear the clutter, clarify the butter. Truly fantastic. You're obviously good at what you do and know how to make your points."
Ran Elfassy, Sigei Media, about my feedback about his draft sales letter, May 2009


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In their own words...

Here's what some of my clients have said about me and my work.

Marketing consulting, copywriting, editing

"You have a brilliant eye for this and you are very consistent. "
Omanisa Ross, author (I edited/proofread her book)

"You are very efficiency!!!"
A long-standing client in Hong Kong, for whom I regularly edit marketing material

"Kay is fantastic with words! We now commission Kay to write our media releases and any other marketing text we need, because it’s so important to get our message across in a way that actually makes the recipients read it and take action! Kay is a true professional and what she writes is incredibly good. Apart from reading very well, what matters is the result, and we now get a much better response when we communicate with the media."
Rita Yaworsky and Melanie McInally, Sono Vaso (designers of fabulously fashionable maternity wear)

"Kay is a talented copywriter and editor who is passionate about the written word - especially when it comes to your marketing messages. She also uses these skills to craft media releases that get read and knows how to pitch them to journalists. Kay is a delight to work with and takes the time to educate her clients if they are keen to learn."
Kathleen Ann, business/marketing coach, Power Up Your Marketing, Sydney

"I appreciated your input during our meeting on Saturday - some of your comments/ideas really opened my eyes to what we've been lacking in our marketing."
Also: "I'm amazed at your turnaround time! But then again, it shows how focused you can be!"
Heidi Adick, Dew-Point International Ltd.

"We have finished reading your revised version. Thank you. It is now clearly a much improved version from the previous draft. Your speed and efficiency are truly amazing."
Also: "Great, thanks for the Kay Ross magical touch. You never cease to amaze us with your speed and efficiency (and of course your talent!)"
C.A. Lin, Kosmo

"By the way, you as a marketing expert have been instrumental to my CPA firm in growing my business exponentially in the past 12 months."
Suzanne Liu Duddek, Owner, S. Liu & Co., Chartered Accountants & Certified Public Accountants (Practising), December 2005

"Kay, you are such a master--I LOVE it!!"
Also: "I feel you've taken ALL my input and really captured the essence of what prospective clients need to know, in your signature style-which I love. I'm excited about having this tool to communicate more about our services."
Kristin Lowe, Organising Solutions

"Kay came across as very professional and focused when responding to my questions. In a few words Kay could pinpoint the core issues of my - in the beginning - somewhat vague ideas. Kay was generous in giving advice based on her own broad experience in the publishing business. She made me aware of a number of very basic trip-ups that could be avoided. Kay got me back to the drawing board with lots of new, 'workable' and practical ideas. Kay is a hands-on person whose advice is well worth taking."
Gudrun Kittel-Thong, Institute of Psychotherapy and Counselling

"It is much much better. I didn't like the title and subtitle either. These ones convey exactly what the seminar should be about."
Sophie Paine, organiser of a Women Business Owners' Club event for which I edited the flyer. I recommended changing the event title and sub-title.

"Kay has a unique and valuable ability to capture the essence of what I say about how Orla helps people to be more organised, effective and productive. The result is powerful copy that makes sense to our prospective clients and, more importantly, inspires them to buy. She has a thorough knowledge of marketing concepts, and that shows through in every question she asks, every word she writes and every strategy she suggests. I'm also impressed that she insists on getting inside the brief and understanding our product, our brand and our clients before she puts pen to paper."
Stephen Barnes, Director, Orla

"Kay has been our English-language copy editor for over 10 years. Her work is professional, consistent, and prompt at all times."
Also: "Kay, you always keep on an even keel and we know we can count on you, no matter what. You have made sailing in rough seas, if you like, in the course of getting the City Festival on, this much easier."
Benny Chia, General Manager, Hong Kong Fringe Club

"Did you know the two edited manuscripts got published in international journals? Thank you. What you did was not only editing English but also picking up inconsistencies and sometimes conceptual problems. Your meticulous efforts can be seen from the edited work. I learned how to use proper vocabulary and write in the proper tone."
Dr. Barry Mak, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

"I've always been told: 'Find people who can help you in the areas you are the weakest in.' Kay has been a huge help for me by taking text that I've written for a web site and editing it so that it comes across much more professionally than if I'd written it myself."
Kimberly Whiley, Tamco Trade Services

"Kay's work helped me focus my message and create a more compelling publication - an important contribution to growing the revenue of the business."
Also: "I think one of the things you do really well is to simplify problems... and focus on the core issues. Too many people in our businesses (especially freelancers and consultants) feel that they can only make a living by over-complicating everything (marketing mumbo-jumbo). It's a valuable skill, often under-rated unfortunately, to be able to distill everything down."
Colin Bates, Founder & Director, BuildingBrands Ltd.

"I very much appreciate your prompt and careful work, the smooth cooperation with you, and your mindfulness about understanding the meaning of a text and not changing it (I once had to work with an editor whose foremost wish seemed to be to write the piece himself)."
Dr. Caroline Pluss, Assistant Professor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

"I had a feeling that your insight would cut to the chase, clear the clutter, clarify the butter. Truly fantastic. You're obviously good at what you do and know how to make your points."
Ran Elfassy, Sigei Media, about my feedback about his draft sales letter, May 2009

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About the "Making the Most of the Media" seminar, September 18 and November 20, 2006

"A valuable seminar which contains gems of advice from two experts who tell all and are willing to share their insider information within the media industry. Very practical seminar, which I cannot get from any textbooks or magazines - unique in Hong Kong.

The handouts are comprehensive yet very practical. They contain useful tips that I can apply immediately to write my own press releases, to save money and get results.

In fact, the value that I got out of the 2.5-hour seminar far exceeded the price of HK$250 I paid. The seminar is sold-out with a full attendance of 85.

Short and sharp delivery by two very professional speakers. Different styles of delivery. Delivered with humour. Jam-packed with practical advice. There're a variation of paces and presentation styles with a networking break in between to grab the audience's attention throughout the 2.5 hrs.

To sum up: excellent value for money; extremely useful seminar. It's the most useful seminar I have been to this year."
Suzanne Liu Duddek, Proprietor, S. LIU & CO., Chartered Accountants & Certified Public Accountants (Practising)

"Just wanted to thank you for a really good seminar. Lots of interesting varied people there."
Paul Cabrelli, Perilous Mouths Entertainment

"I learnt loads!!!"
Alexa Towersey, PR/Marketing Manager, Concept Creations Ltd.

"Many thanks for the most useful and entertaining evening. I thought the presentation was focused and pitched exactly to my needs...how did you know? I will apply the suggestions you offered to write press releases 'to die for'."
Mark Joyce, Koru-hk.com Contemporary Art Gallery

"Just a quick note to appreciate your talk last night. It was really great! It helps me a lot in my newly start up company."
Rebecca Szeto, The Solutions Group

"Great event last night, packed with practical advice... invaluable!"
Peter Armstrong, Break Free

"...thanks very much for a really very useful seminar. I've done some promotion for our theatre productions before but listening to you and Alex last night made me realised that I haven't been doing it in the most efficient and effective way. I've definitely picked up a lot of tips and I'll put them into practice next time. And I'll let you know whether I get better results!"
Jessica Yeung, publicist, Theatre Action

"Thank you so much for the engaging and informative workshop on 'Making the Most of the Media'. I really appreciate your insights and your willingness to share with us."
Deborah DeGolyer, DeGolyer Associates Ltd.

"First of all, thank you for this seminar yesterday evening, thank you for making it so accurate and precise as I had no idea that my communication went so bad; and thank you to make it so affordable for people like me who are not professional, just individuals."
Caroline Bouquet, artist/illustrator

"All of us think that the seminar let us know the skill of writing media releases and how to contact the press; we learnt a lot!"
Tracy Wong, Jackie Lo and Cat Lau, Hong Kong Fringe Club

"I don't know how to write an article for media release... After attending this seminar, people can know 'the most easiest and effective ways'! Can't wait to apply all these in the forthcoming events and promotion leaflets to expand my business."
Sara Soon, Branch Manager, Zurich Life Insurance Co. ltd.

"The course was excellent, thank you and I am now planning for one of my staff to attend [the next event]."
Georgie Riley, XTC Gelato

"I'd like to thank you both for putting together a very informative seminar last night. The tips will prove very useful for my future events (which there are quite a lot of at our shop) and now I'll have no excuse for not getting them into a newspaper!"
Ellie Luk, Marketing Officer, Dymocks ifc mall

"Enjoyed your seminar last night, it was really informative, and very useful."
Jenny K. Woolsey, RMT, Director, Sutherland-Chan Centre (a division of CW Health Ltd.)

"Good seminar with so many useful tips!"
Jenny Eagleton, Asian Emphasis

"I wanted to thank you for a very enlightening seminar. Having been thrust into the PR position this year with no prior experience, I was thrilled to have a great example of a media kit from the 2005 exhibit from which to work. Having said that, I also knew there were areas where I needed to make improvements and your seminar has given me a number of identifiable target areas for next year's media campaign. Thanks for a very useful and practical presentation."
Jill De Felice, Artists Abroad

"Thank you very much for...sharing your valuable experience with us at the 'Making the Most of the Media' seminar yesterday evening. Looking forward to attending such a meaningful seminar again soon."
Melanie Cheung, Senior Communications Officer, Renaissance Harbour View Hotel

"Thanks...for a fabulous seminar last night. I'm so glad I caught it this time. It was fascinating to learn about how the media works from the inside out, and I'll certainly be using many of your tips in my role here."
Lara, 82 Republic (art gallery)

"You ran an excellent seminar on Monday, as the applause proved. Well done."
Vincent Heywood

"I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful seminar, 20th Nov. I really thought it to be very helpful for my future dealings with the media."
Martike de Grip, Transcedge Ltd.

About the "Compelling Copywriting" and "Marketing Matters" courses

"I thought the course was exactly as I anticipated. The teacher was highly proficient. Kay Ross is a natural communicator."

"Good stuff. Well organised and clearly presented and the collateral was very, very helpful. Having completed 'Marketing A' I look forward to taking 'Marketing B' ... Keep me posted!"

"Thank you for your informative course. I learned a lot in those two sessions and will put your information and tips to use when I set up my business..."

"Thoroughly enjoyed last evening's course. The notes you gave us were also very useful."

"Just a quick note to say thank you again for the Marketing 'mini-course at the YWCA', I really enjoyed it and found it extremely worthwhile for myself!"

"I thought I should let you know how useful I found your sessions. You've opened my mind to the power of every contact (with clients/future clients) in presenting a clear and crisp image. I've been able to pass on valuable tips to a friend trying to get press attention in the UK. A great couple of sessions. Thanks."

"I enjoyed the course and learnt a few things. It was value for money. Kay is an expert in her field. She was helpful and encouraging during the course, in assisting us in areas of marketing skill which we were unsure of. The handouts were interesting and useful."

"I really enjoyed your class and learned so many new ways/tips on how to improve my copywriting."

About applied improvisation workshops

"It was a pleasure hearing Kay speaking at our last event, she’s an excellent speaker. Her presentation was energetic and entertaining. Kay is fresh and full of inspiration. I think everyone felt energized and left with great ideas and motivation."
Emmanuel Siegel, co-ordinator of the Funders & Founders meetup group, Hong Kong, commenting on the "Startup: Tell A Better Story, Confidently" workshop that I presented on January 21, 2014

"It was one of the best classes (if not the best) class that I've ever had in university. Truly enjoyed it! (Could we have more classes likes this?)"
- a participant in an applied improvisation workshop for students of innovation and entrepreneurship at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, April 9, 2014

About various other talks/seminars/teleseminars

"What an inspiring and valuable presentation from you at the WBOC event last Saturday – loved it!!!!"
Gerhild Hornbanger, Managing Director, Coach to Success, who attended the "How to Start and Run Your Own Business" workshop at which I spoke about marketing, on November 7, 2009

"I feel like the message you shared, the tips you offered, were meant for me to hear right at this moment.  I had been thinking about re-working my website.  I want to reach out and really hold onto the hearts and hands of my ideal clients, but I don't think my current website is quite there.  After listening to your talk, I feel energized and confident that I have the elements to build a better site and other marketing materials!"
Beth Morton, CPC, New Mom Coach, who listened to my global teleseminar in July 2009 for members of the "Choosing Prosperity" and "Soul-Aligned Business Collaborative" communities, about how to write compelling marketing messages

"I really enjoyed your teleseminar. It was filled with really great information on a level that even a novice like me could understand."
A participant in a global teleseminar in which I was the "guest expert" talking about how to get media coverage, October 2, 2008 

"Wow, did I get value tonight...thank you both for an inspiring workshop...I am buzzing with possibilities!"
Glynis Ferguson, participant at the "Taking the Mystery out of Marketing" workshop that I co-presented for the HK International Coaching Community, January 24, 2008

"I particularly enjoyed meeting Kay, and found her talk to be quite inspiring... She certainly has a lot of energy which is quite contagious!"

"Just wanted to say what a brilliant talk you did last night - absolutely spot-on."

"Just want to congratulate you on your excellent presentation. I was really impressed, not only by your content but also by your excellent delivery. You really set a very high standard and were a great role model for presentations."

"I learnt a lot from Kay Ross and gained much insight from this charming lady, she is inspiring!!"

"Thank you again for a clear and inspiring presentation."

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