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"I've just listened to your podcast with Sarah Passmore and it was EXCELLENT with a capital E!! Can't wait to hear the other two in the series, this stuff is gold-dust! And so is your newsletter. You're a very impressive lady Kay and extremely kind to share all this information."
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You Want Media Coverage? Here's How!

You want publicity for yourself, your business or organisation, your products, your services and your events, right? Lots of it. And preferably for free, yes?

One of the best ways to get that free publicity is through media coverage (an added benefit is that it has a lot more credibility than advertising).

But how do you GET that media coverage? Here's a secret: If you give journalists what THEY want, they're more likely to give you what YOU want (although of course there's never any guarantee, because we're talking about editorial coverage here, not advertising).


I've interviewed three Hong Kong journalists, who tell you how it's done

In 2008, I created a series of three FREE information resources that will help you give journalists what they want. I contacted three Hong Kong media people - a radio presenter, a former magazine editor (and now a PR executive), and a TV producer - and asked if I could interview them about how to write a media release and how to approach journalists with an idea for a story.

They all immediately agreed to share their insiders' tips (after all, it will make journalists' jobs easier if you understand what they want and need).

In all three interviews, hosted by me, you'll learn about what journalists want and need from YOU. (Just to reassure you, the interviews are in English, and I'm confident that the principles apply just about anywhere, not just in Hong Kong.) We cover:

  • What you absolutely MUST include in a media release
  • Who to contact, and when to contact them
  • How to approach a journalist with an idea for a story (a "pitch") - and what NOT to do
  • What makes a story newsworthy (i.e., how journalists decide whether or not to use your story)
  • What to do (and what NOT to do) before, during and after your interview
  • And much more!

Listen to the interviews now

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Listen to Interview #1 now (33 minutes)
Sarah Passmore produced and presented the popular "Naked Lunch" show on RTHK Radio 3

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Listen to Interview #2 now (24 minutes)
Wade Lundin was the Editor of "HK Magazine", and went on to become the Associate Director of international PR firm GolinHarris in Hong Kong

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Listen to Interview #3 now (18 minutes)
Phil O'Sullivan was the Executive Producer, CNN Asia (that's TV)

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I encourage you to listen carefully, take notes and put their advice into practice. By the way, each speaker doesn't just cover one medium (radio, print or TV) - their comments apply to all media.

I also invite you to read two handouts I wrote that are full of helpful tips: "How to write a media release in one easy lesson"
"Media relations - some do's and don'ts"

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. I'd love to hear your feedback, your success stories, and your suggestions about other topics you'd like me to cover in future podcasts.

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Why did I do this?

I'm passionate about marketing, educating people about marketing, and sharing good information.

As a marketing consultant and a member of several business/networking organisations and performing arts groups in Hong Kong, I often write media releases for my clients, and I'm often asked for advice about how to get free listings or an article in a newspaper or magazine, and how to score a radio or TV interview. So I know that people WANT this information.

A little bit of background: I worked as the Listings Editor at the "South China Morning Post" for six years. That meant I gathered information about what was on around town (performing arts, visual arts, community events etc.), then compiled and edited the daily free listings in the newspaper. So I received lots of media releases and phone calls from people who wanted free publicity.

Unfortunately, most of those media releases were BAD (i.e., they didn't tell me what I needed to know, when I needed to know it), and most of the phone calls and e-mails I received made it clear that people didn't really know how to deal with journalists. I guess that's understandable - nobody had ever taught them how to do it.

I hope you find the podcasts and handouts useful, and that they help you get the media coverage you want for yourself, your business or your organisation. Let me know about your results.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone you know who might benefit.

Happy marketing!

Kay Ross
Marketing Consultant & Coach / Editor / Copywriter
Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2858 1231 or 9773 3571
kayross [at] hkstar dotcom

P.S. Here's my definition of marketing:
Marketing = managing perceptions, motivations and expectations

© Kay Ross, April 2008 (and updated March 2012)


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Kay sharing tips at the "Making the Most of the Media" seminar
Hong Kong
September 18, 2006