"Unscripted" TEDx Talk

The video of my TEDx talk on March 10, 2018, at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, on the theme of “Unscripted”, is on YouTube.
“Welcome to the Playground of Improvisational Possibilities | Kay Ross | TEDxHKPolyU”.
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"Hong Kong Confidential" podcast

In this episode of the "Hong Kong Confidential" podcast, hosted by Jules Hannaford, we chat about The Playground of Possibilities, the card deck and several other topics.
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"The Playground of Possibilities" card deck has arrived

My "The Playground of Possibilities" card deck has 52 thought- and action-provoking questions for you to ask yourself. Order yours today.
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Improvisation for Personal Development and Healing

I presented a 90-minute experiential workshop (twice!) at the international conference of the Applied Improvisation Network in Montreal, Canada, September 24-27, 2015. The title of my workshop was “Life is a Playground of Possibilities – Improvising More Resourceful, Joyful Ways of Being”. Participants raved about it!
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Welcome to the Playground of Possibilities

Explore and transform your thoughts, beliefs and stories about yourself and the world, tap into the abundance of the Universe, take bold action, improvise new ways of being, and play with like-minded, like-hearted friends.
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I  served on the volunteer logistics team at the UPLIFT 13 festival in Byron Bay, Australia, December 12-15, 2013. It was all about personal/spiritual/community transformation, healing and sustainability, with speakers, healers, performers and indigenous tribal leaders from around the world. 

Gratitude Flashmob

I organised Hong Kong's first-ever "Gratitude Flashmob", held on February 12, 2011, as part of Social Media Week Hong Kong.
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Kay's podcasts

Are you a bodyworker/healer? And do you want to know how to get media coverage for your business? Listen to my FREE audio interviews with three Hong Kong journalists, who share their insiders' tips.
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The healing power of laughter

Check out my Performing page for details of my upcoming comedy improvisation performances.

"Thank you! Your treatment was awesome you have GREAT HANDS!! And ever so present in each stroke of your hands, I really APPRECIATED it."
VG (a professional bodyworker), about a Body Harmony session
Hong Kong, June 2005

"Just wanted to say a really big thank you for your Body Harmony session yesterday. The ideas are simple but so effective, and believe you me I have been listening to my body very carefully recently. I found it a great help."
MT (member of a women's choir)
- I presented a short group Body Harmony workshop for 20 women, Hong Kong, August 2005


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"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."
~ John C. Maxwell

Are you committed to your personal growth and healing? Are you willing to let go of what's not working in your life so that you can experience all the joy, health, love, peace and abundance that you desire and deserve?

I'm Kay Ross, an Australian bodyworker/healer living in Hong Kong. I'm fascinated by alternative health and healing, personal/spiritual development and human potential - my own, and yours. (I'm also passionate about marketing and performing.)

I like that quote at the top of the page because I care, and I love working and playing with people who care. I've studied many healing methodologies, attended many personal/spiritual development workshops, and read every self-help book. And I've had my own challenges, life lessons and miracles along the way.

Bodywork for a life that works

For almost 12 years from April 1995, I studied a powerful form of bodywork called Body Harmony. I attended conferences and training workshops in Hong Kong; Cairns, Australia; Noosa, Australia; Playa Del Carmen, Mexico; Crete, Greece; and Bali, Indonesia. In the bodywork that I do with clients, I still apply everything I learned from my Body Harmony training.

Here's an article I wrote about one element of the Body Harmony process, Conscious Touch.

Putting all of my learnings and life experiences together, I'm now a practitioner of my own unique form of bodywork/coaching - I like to describe it as "bodywork for a life that works". (As a perfectionist writer, I'm still figuring out the perfect name for what I do!)

So are you ready to release your limiting, unresourceful thoughts, habits and emotions? Instead of dealing with them through intellectual analysis, we'll look at how you've learned to store and express them in your physical tissue. We'll also uncover strategies for tapping into your positive, useful resources. As the saying goes: "Biography becomes biology."

The work is an active process in which you take responsibility (if you're willing) for exploring new ways of being, and more effective ways of expressing yourself through your body, so that you can live authentically and achieve the results you want in life.

Here's what you can expect from a series of sessions with me:

  • A deep sense of relaxation
  • Greater ease and freedom of movement
  • Improved posture
  • The release of physical/mental/emotional tension and pain
  • Increased awareness of yourself and the connections between your body, your mind and your environment
  • Insights into how you hold tension and constriction in your body and your mind
  • The freedom and the power to be authentically you
  • A feeling of connectedness to all parts of your body - being comfortable inside your skin
  • Strategies for dealing with issues in your life and changing unhelpful patterns
  • The ability to let go of the limitations that stop you from having what you want in life
  • The freedom to choose your future instead of reacting to your past
  • Positive, permanent changes in how you relate to your body and your life

Just to be clear, it's not Reiki, massage, psychotherapy, counselling, faith healing, a quick fix...

A session takes about 1.5 hours. It will involve a little bit of walking and talking, plus about an hour of hands-on bodywork on the table. Please wear loose, comfortable clothes - the kind you'd wear for a yoga or exercise class.

Contact me today if you have any questions, or if you'd like to book a series of sessions at my venue in Central, Hong Kong.

My healing journey

After a challenging childhood, I became a "workshop junkie" - I've done workshops in Reiki 1, Rebirthing, "Mastermind" NLP training, "Loving Relationships Training" with Sondra Ray, "Eau de Vie", "Medical Intuition and Energy Healing" with Dr Elaine Woodall, "Systemic Constellations" with Jane Peterson, a firewalk, meditation retreats...

My all-time-favourite has been "Money & You", a very powerful workshop that I did in Adelaide in March 1989. It taught me about business, entrepreneurship, leadership, teamwork, communication, honesty, love, joy, trust, integrity, courage, responsibility, authenticity, abundance, God/Great Spirit, and yes, money. It was inspired by the ideas of famed thinker/designer/mathematician R. Buckminster Fuller.

Through the Money & You organisation, I also did the "Creating Wealth" and "Powerful Presentations" workshops, and also served many times as a volunteer on the backstage logistics teams for "Money & You", "Creating Wealth", "Powerful Presentations" and "The Business School" in Adelaide, Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

For several years I was a happy client of Dr Christine Ridal, a gifted and inspiring wellness facilitator and practitioner of Network Spinal Analysis and Somato-Respiratory Integration in Hong Kong (she now lives in New Zealand, and visits Hong Kong occasionally).

Since late-2005 I've also participated in several delightful personal/spiritual development seminars led by Bijan Anjomi of the Effortless Prosperity organisation, in Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Sedona and Hawaii.

Two weeks at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India. Each day I did various kinds of meditation (my favourite was the Kundalini meditation, which involves a whole lot of shaking). I also did a sweet, gentle three-day course titled "Opening to Intimacy", a one-day course titled "A Day for the Heart", and a 1.5-hour private session titled "Healing Your Inner Child". On August 20, I took sannyas - my sannyasin name is Vedanta, which means Beyond Knowledge. (August 2010)

Two workshops in Somatic Movement with Mark Chandlee Taylor: "The Radiant Heart" explored the heart's many functions and how we can maintain heart full awareness in our daily lives, and "Balancing the Three Brains", explored the relationships between the three intrinsic brains of the body (in the head, heart and gut) through the vibrations of breath, sound, movement and meditation. (May 2012, Hong Kong)

“Authentic Facilitation”, a one-day training workshop led by visiting trainers Gayle Hardie and Malcolm Lazenby of the Global Leadership Foundation. (August 31, 2012, Hong Kong)

I served on the volunteer logistics team at the UPLIFT 13 festival in Byron Bay, Australia. It was all about personal/spiritual/community transformation, healing and sustainability, with speakers, healers, performers and indigenous tribal leaders from around the world. (December 12-15, 2013)

A four-day silent "mindfulness of the mind" meditation retreat at a Buddhist monastery on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. (April 18-21, 2014)

I organised a public talk Hong Kong by holistic physician, author, speaker and trainer Dr Darren Weissman, creator of The LifeLine Technique®. In his talk, "Stress Is A Gift In Strange Wrapping Paper", he explained and demonstrated his transformational technique for processing the core emotional root of symptoms, stress and disease. (May 14, 2014, Hong Kong)

"Awakening of Love" workshop. (July 25-27, 2014, Hong Kong)

"Angels Communication using Angel Oracle Cards" workshop, led by Nelly Angel. I became a Certified Angel Card Reader. (October 4, 2014, Hong Kong)

"Working with the Body for Trainers and Coaches" 16-hour workshop in Hong Kong, led by visiting trainer Mark Walsh from the UK. (November 14-16, 2014)

“Sacred Money Mastery” 2-day workshop led by Gale West. (September 12-13, 2015, Hong Kong)

Combining my interest and skills in improvisation and personal development/healing, I presented a workshop (twice) titled "Life is a Playground of Possibilities: Improvising More Resourceful, Joyful Ways of Being" at the international conference of the Applied Improvisation Network in Montreal, Canada, September 24-27, 2015. I then presented the same content as a public workshop in Hong Kong (April 23, 2016, and November 4, 2017) and in Darwin, Australia (May 9, 2016).

“Behind the Mask” 6-hour psychodrama workshop about the masks we wear in life, led by psychodrama psychotherapist Julie Lacy. (May 25-26, 2016, Hong Kong)

From September 2016 to early 2019, I studied a Chinese martial arts form called Mindful Wing Chun here in Hong Kong. The focus is not on punching and kicking – it’s on mindfulness. So it’s all about relaxing; being exquisitely aware of what’s happening in your body; using the bones/joints to move the body rather than muscular effort/force (which is a very different, counterintuitive way of using the body); being present in the moment; having a very focused intention; responding quickly and instinctively to what your partner is doing… I find that the principles and mindset of Mindful Wing Chun are very similar to those of improv.

“Cultivating Coherent Leadership to Own the Future” - a full-day experiential workshop led by Tyler Mongan, founder of the Heart Lab, about leadership, teamwork, self-awareness, mindfulness, physiology, neuroscience…
(October 26, 2017, Hong Kong)

And of course I've read hundreds of self-help books and watched the films "What the Bleep Do We Know?" and "The Secret".

The common themes uniting all of these experiences are:

  • identifying, healing and releasing issues and patterns that no longer serve me
  • becoming more conscious of my thoughts, my feelings, my body and my environment
  • expressing myself with honesty and compassion
  • understanding and loving myself and others
  • connecting with God and my spirituality
  • trusting the Universe, my intuition and other people
  • forgiveness
  • gratitude
  • love
  • authenticity
  • courage
  • abundance
  • well-being
  • integrity
  • joy
  • responsibility

Welcome to The Playground of Possibilities

The Playground of Possibilities is a juicy creative project that called to be expressed through me. It's a place for you to explore and transform your old, limiting thoughts, beliefs and stories about yourself and the world, tap into the abundance of the Universe, take bold action, improvise new, more resourceful ways of being, and connect with like-minded, like-hearted friends.

I've created a deck of cards with 52 questions for you to ask yourself, all starting with "What would be possible for me if I...". Everyone who has seen and used the deck loves it, and now the deck is available for you to buy.

In this Facebook Live conversation with Nicole Denholder of the Next Chapter crowdfunding platform, I explain how I came up with the concept of “The Playground of Possibilities”.

In this episode of the "Hong Kong Confidential" podcast, hosted by Jules Hannaford, we chat about The Playground of Possibilities, the card deck and several other topics.

And on March 10, 2018, I was a speaker at the TEDxHKPolyU event at the Hong Kong University, on the theme of “Unscripted”. The video is on YouTube: “Welcome to the Playground of Improvisational Possibilities | Kay Ross | TEDxHKPolyU”. At that event I also performed a 15-minute improv set with two of my improv friends, Christopher Coleman and Namarata Bindra - we called ourselves TEDxcellent Improv. Here is the video of our performance.

It’s for heart-centred people who want more love, joy, meaning and fulfillment in their lives, and for coaches, healers and therapists who support people to heal and thrive. Like/follow The Playground of Possibilities on Facebook and Twitter.

Workshop: “Life Is a Playground of Possibilities

I occasionally present a live public workshop/playshop called “Life Is a Playground of Possibilities”. Participants learn how to use the card deck and some improvisational processes so that they transform their old, limiting thoughts, beliefs and stories about themselves and the world, and explore new, more resourceful, more joyful ways of thinking and being. 

I presented the workshop twice at the conference of the international Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) in Montreal, Canada, in September 2015. Here's my blog post about that. One participant commented afterwards on Facebook: “Collective magic, under your careful guidance, at work! What a lovely thing to participate in!”

I've also presented it as a public workshop several times in Hong Kong, and once in Darwin, Australia.

Mukta Arya, one of the participants in the workshop in Hong Kong, wrote to me afterwards:
“Thanks for making the experience meaningful and fun. Now, when I have some limiting beliefs trying to surface, I try the ‘New Choice’ method. I hope it will help me to deal with some drab and dreary situations. As a facilitator, you are fun, engaging and able to get your point across, without imposing your views. I enjoyed every part of the session and am now putting what I learned into practice.”

My niece Omanisa Ross in Darwin helped me to organise and promote a workshop there in May 2016. She interviewed me and wrote a terrific blog post about the workshop and the ideas behind it: “The Playground of Possibilities”.

For news of other events that I've spoken at (or WILL speak at), see the Events section on the Card Deck page of my “The Playground of Possibilities” website.

Contact me if you'd like me to run a workshop or give a speech for your company, organisation or community group.

At your service

I know that all of my life experiences, and the values and attitudes that they've taught me, have helped me to be a better person, friend, healer, businessperson, communicator, consultant, coach, performer... - and all of that helps me to serve YOU better.

So please contact me today if you'd like some healing bodywork/coaching sessions, or simply if you like the idea of working and playing with a marketing consultant or performer or trainer who's committed to love, joy, trust, courage, integrity, abundance, responsibility and telling a more resourceful story.



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Healing hands



The gift of love and light

Biography becomes biology

With author and teacher Bijan Anjomi of the "Effortless Prosperity" organisation, at the "Joyous Week in Hawaii" event
September 2007

With famous author and teacher
Dr Deepak Chopra
at the Singapore Sun Festival
October 4, 2009


With famous doctor and provocateur
Dr Patch Adams
at the UPLIFT Festival
Byron Bay, Australia
December 14, 2013

With Dr Darren Weissman at his talk, "Stress Is A Gift In
Strange Wrapping Paper"
Hong Kong
May 14, 2014

At the angel card reading workshop with Nelly Angel (standing behind me, in white dress)
Hong Kong
October 4, 2014

At the "Life is a Playground of Possibilities" workshop
Darwin, Australia
May 9, 2016

At the "Life is a Playground of Possibilities" workshop
Hong Kong
November 4, 2017