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Visit my blog, Spotlight on Marketing, the place for us to share thoughts, opinions, questions and answers about marketing (especially marketing with integrity, from the heart). 

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"I've always been told: 'Find people who can help you in the areas you are the weakest in.' Kay has been a huge help for me by taking text that I've written for a web site and editing it so that it comes across much more professionally than if I'd written it myself."
Kimberly Whiley, Tamco Trade Services

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Kay Ross
2E Tung Shing Terrace
39 Bridges Street
Hong Kong SAR
(We don't use Zip codes here.)

Tel (landline): (852) 2858 1231

Mobile / WhatsApp: (852) 9773 3751

(852 is Hong Kong's country code, we don't have area codes, and our phone numbers have 8 digits.)


Website: You're on it right now!




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Sharing tips at the "Making the Most of the Media" seminar
September 18, 2006

Me in my "tweet me good" t-shirt

I come up with
bright marketing ideas
July 2010
Photo by Kenneth Lim