Twitter Tips and Resources – Part 32

Posted on 28 October 2010

This is Part 32 of an ever-growing series of blog posts, each one featuring links to 10 useful, funny and/or provocative articles/lists/blog posts/videos/sites I’ve come across about how to use twitter more effectively (and how NOT to use it).

Here are the latest 10:

  1. “If I Haven’t Followed You Back On Twitter, Here’s Why” by Kay Ross (@kayross – yes, that’s me)
  2. “Are You A Social Media Snake Oil Salesman?” by Xan Pearson (@xanpearson)
  3. “What To Do If Your Twitter Account Is Hacked” by Kimberly Castleberry (@AskKim)
  4. “9 Ways To Build A Twitter Community With Substance” by Amber Naslund (@ambercadabra)
  5. “Yes you can find a job via Twitter – A top consultant tells you how” by Karalyn Brown (@InterviewIq)
  6. “Being A Twitter Snob Is A Good Thing” by Mitch Joel (@mitchjoel)
  7. “10 Dos and Don’ts for Brands on Twitter” by Waggener Edstrom Worldwide (@WaggenerEdstrom)
  8. “Social Media Automation – How Much Is Too Much?” by Lisa Barone (@LisaBarone)
  9. “26 Twitter Tips for Enhancing Your Tweets” by Debbie Hemley (@dhemley)
  10. “The Airlines’ Squeaky Wheels Turn to Twitter” by Scott McCartney, Travel Editor of  “The Wall Street Journal” (he doesn’t seem to have an active twitter account)

See also Part 1 (May 19, 2009), Part 2 (July 16), Part 3 (October 13), Part 4 (October 20), Part 5 (October 24), Part 6 (October 29), Part 7 (November 8), Part 8 (November 18), Part 9 (December 4), Part 10 (December 21), Part 11 (January 28, 2010), Part 12 (March 1), Part 13 (March 23), Part 14 (April 15), Part 15 (April 21), Part 16 (April 29), Part 17 (May 6), Part 18 (May 15), Part 19 (May 18), Part 20 (May 31), Part 21 ( June 2), Part 22 (June 14), Part 23 (June 25), Part 24 (July 13), Part 25 (July 19), Part 26 (July 26), Part 27 (August 2), Part 28 (August 31), Part 29 (September 15), Part 30 (October  5) and Part 31 (October 20).

Would you like to recommend any other good twitter resources? I certainly don’t list EVERY article about twitter that I see – I might recommend an article that I disagree with, if it contributes something useful to the debate, but I won’t recommend an article that I think is badly written.

Happy tweeting!

Kay Ross

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  • Thanks so much for the inclusion Kay and for putting together such a great roundup! These type of posts are always fun because they give us so much awesome stuff to read and learn from!

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