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"Kay came across as very professional and focused when responding to my questions. In a few words Kay could pinpoint the core issues of my - in the beginning - somewhat vague ideas. Kay was generous in giving advice based on her own broad experience in the publishing business. She made me aware of a number of very basic trip-ups that could be avoided. Kay got me back to the drawing board with lots of new, 'workable' and practical ideas. Kay is a hands-on person whose advice is well worth taking."
Gudrun Kittel-Thong, Institute of Psychotherapy and Counselling

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Articles by Kay Ross

In these articles, you'll find lots of practical tips about marketing.

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Every Document is a Marketing Document

In my opinion, every document that your organisation produces is by definition a marketing document. Why?

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So What Is Marketing Anyway?

The word "marketing" means many different things to different people. It can mean "selling", or "advertising", or "publicity", or "market research" or "PR".

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How to Write a Press Release in One Easy Lesson

Practical tips about how to write a press release; what to do about photos; who to send your press release to; how to follow up... 

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Media Relations - Some Do's and Don'ts

Advice about how to get media coverage (and how not to alienate journalists).

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So You Want to Commission a Freelance Writer/Editor?

Here's what a freelance writer/editor will need to know before she can give you a realistic quote...

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Marketing Questions

Here are some questions that might be useful discussion-starters when you're planning your marketing strategies...

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Why Should I Visit Your Website, And Why Should I Stick Around?

Sorry, your website visitors don't care about you and your company...

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10 Tips for Building Your Reputation as an Expert in Your Field

People prefer to do business with people and companies they like, trust and respect. Build your reputation as an expert, and you'll build that "like, trust and respect" factor. Here's how.

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YOU Are The Product

No matter how good you think your product or service is, the quality of that product or service alone is not what attracts people to buy from you. The secret is YOU - people's relationship with, and perceptions of, you.

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Book Review: "The Brain That Changes Itself"

If you're interested in human behaviour and psychology, this book by Norman Doidge, MD, is sure to fascinate you as much as it did me. The author reports on the latest research breakthroughs in many branches of neuroscience, and tells inspiring stories of patients who have benefitted from that research.

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Now Is Not The Time To Cut Back On Your Marketing

Yes, I know, it's tempting to cut back on your marketing during "hard times". But that's short-term, fear-based thinking. Not smart.

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Doing The Can Can

I'll be blunt: I HATE the word "can" in marketing communications material. Here's why

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Is PR The Career For You?

Are you interested in a career as a public relations professional? Senior PR executives in Hong Kong describe "a day in the life" of a PR professional, offer their tips about what skills you need, and explain how to get started.

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