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34 High-Integrity, Low-Cost
Marketing and Branding Strategies
for Soul-Inspired Entrepreneurs

Are you a soul-inspired entrepreneur who sometimes feels confused and overwhelmed about how to market yourself and your products or services? Are you worried that you’ll have to spend LOTS of money to market your business effectively? And are you afraid of coming across like a hard-sell, pushy snake-oil salesperson?

Read on to find out about an information resource I’ve created that I’m 100% confident will help you change your mindset about marketing and succeed in business.

It’s a recording and a transcript of a live, one-hour global teleseminar I presented, titled “34 High-Integrity, Low-Cost Marketing and Branding Strategies for Soul-Inspired Entrepreneurs”.

So what do I mean by "Soul-Inspired Entrepreneurs"? I mean business-owners who approach business, marketing and life from a basis of whole-hearted trust (in themselves, others, life and the universe), co-operation, honesty, integrity, courage, responsibility, compassion, service, respect, authenticity, caring, tolerance, gratitude, abundance, joy and, most importantly, love.

Here’s what you’ll hear and read about

In the one-hour call, I start by leading a brief connection/breathing process. Then, I offer MY definition of marketing (hint: marketing is a lot more than just advertising).

Next, I encourage listeners to consider the spiritual elements of being in business. Because if you don't feel confident about marketing, or if you don't truly believe that you deserve to be successful, or if you believe that marketing and selling, and charging a fair price for your skills, are somehow immoral and "unspiritual", then your business won't thrive, will it?

I then share 34 high-integrity, low-cost marketing and branding strategies for soul-inspired entrepreneurs. Here's a sneak preview of just five of them:

  • Have the courage to claim a specialised niche - you can't be all things to all people, so choosing a niche will help you to attract and serve your ideal clients more effectively.  
  • Participate in online forums - that will build your reputation, credibility, trustworthiness and likeability.
  • Send out a regular e-newsletter - regular communication strengthens your relationship with your clients, prospective clients, colleagues, friends, allies... (and business is all about relationships).
  • Interview, or be interviewed by, experts in your field - that's another way of establishing and building your reputation and credibility.
  • Gather powerful case studies and testimonials - it's much more credible and powerful to have OTHER people tell your prospective clients how wonderful you are than for you to boast about it yourself.

During the call, I also answer some questions from participants about their marketing challenges.

To make things even easier for you, I’ve re-read the transcript myself and extracted a master list of all 34 of the high-integrity, low-cost marketing and branding strategies for soul-inspired entrepreneurs that I mentioned in the call. 

These strategies "absolutely work"

One of the participants on the live call, a soul-inspired entrepreneur named Maureane, commented afterwards:

Kay, I felt that there was enormous value in your call and the referrals you gave were the frosting on top. I came away with a great page of notes and plenty of inspired action tasks that I feel very confident about. Thank you SO MUCH!


I also asked the internationally renowned marketing author and speaker Shel Horowitz, author of "Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World", "Principled Profit" and several other great books, to read the transcript of the call and to offer his comments. He replied:

Hi, Kay,
I'm amazed at how many of my favorite belief systems and frugal/ethical marketing approaches you managed to cram into a single one-hour phone call. I've been advocating these methods for years, because they absolutely work.


And in my teleseminar, I quoted Michael Port, Leader of "The Think Big Revolution" and Author of "The Think Big Manifesto", who once inspired me with this quote: "If you have a desire to serve, there are people you are MEANT to serve. Stand in the service of others as you stand in the service of your destiny."
So I asked Michael to offer his comments about my teleseminar, and here's what he said:
Kay – I love your think-big attitude to marketing and branding for soul-preneurs who are committed to world-changing, life-shifting, forward-moving, full-speed action. And I'm honored that you quoted me in your teleseminar.

Now here's the best bit (I mean best for YOU!)

I WAS planning to sell the product for US$19.97 (that's about HK$155), because I thought that's what I was "supposed" to do to be a "good" marketer and businessperson. But for several months I procrastinated about creating the product and the related pages on my website, and I resisted the idea of following the typical Internet marketing model.

Then I spoke with a friend/coach who helped me realise that I simply didn't want to do things that conventional way. She said it was as if I was trying to squeeze myself into a pair of shoes that just didn't fit.

So I've decided to give you the information product for FREE, as a gift. That's right, I'm giving it away, to you and anyone else who wants it, because I'm passionate about sharing these ideas with soul-inspired entrepreneurs around the world!

I'm hoping that, that way, you and thousands of other people around the world will benefit from the information, and that YOU will make a positive difference in your clients' lives when you put the ideas into practice. (Of course I'm also hoping it will be a good marketing tool for me! So please tell your friends - especially any soul-inspired entrepreneurs you know who are feeling confused, frustrated and overwhelmed about marketing.)

In return for giving you this valuable resource, I ask that you make a donation of US$20 (or more, if you wish) to your favourite charity. Why? Because I believe there has to be an exchange of energy (and money is energy), or you won't value the information. Of course I can't force you to make a donation, and I won't check that you do - I'll leave that up to your own sense of what's right.

Also, if you're not yet a subscriber to my monthly marketing e-newsletter, I encourage you to subscribe today. (The opt-in box is in the top right-hand corner of this page.) The e-newsletter is full of tips and articles from me about high-integrity, low-cost marketing. As a thank you gift for subscribing, I'll also send you my free "Sell the Sizzle" article, about how to write compelling marketing communications material.

Go here now to download the product:

  • An audio recording of the live, one-hour teleseminar
  • A word-for-word transcript of the call, including a bonus master list of all 34 strategies that I shared in the call

If, like me, you're more of a visual than an auditory person, you'll probably find it easier and faster to read the transcript and the bonus list of 34 strategies than to listen to the recording of the call.

My guarantee to you

I KNOW these strategies work, so I'm confident that this information is worth MUCH more than your US$20 donation to your favourite charity.

In fact I'm willing to bet that in this information product, you'll find at least ONE high-integrity, low-cost marketing strategy that, IF you implement it effectively, will quickly make you AT LEAST DOUBLE what you donate in exchange for this product.

And I'll be very surprised if you don't find at least TEN strategies that you'll be able to implement in your business, regardless of what kinds of products or services you sell.

However, if after six months you're absolutely sure the strategies don't work, I'll gladly pay YOU US$20! But I'll need you to show me that you've made a $20 donation to a charity, and that you've given the strategies a genuine, heartfelt, committed, intelligent go for at least six months.

In appreciation

I especially want to thank two groups of people who have inspired, supported and prodded me to bring this information product to life:

♥ Kendall SummerHawk, Richard Shapiro, Helen Graves and all the participants in Kendall’s 2008/09 “Brand Authenticity, Money and Meaning” coaching programme. See

♥ Elyse Hope Killoran and all the participants in her “Choosing Prosperity” programme. See

Happy marketing –
Kay Ross in Hong Kong

P.S. Don’t you just hate those high-pressure sales letters and web pages with a pushy P.S. message reminding you about why you absolutely MUST buy the product, or scaring you about limited availability? This page doesn’t have one! 


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